The University Police maintain a close relationship with the Cape Girardeau Police Department and the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department to keep students safe both on and off-campus.

The University Police are responsible for building and ground security, dispatch/radio communication, crime prevention, emergency medical response/first aid services and uniformed security. Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working foot patrol and vehicle patrol throughout campus. A University police officer promptly responds to and investigates all reported crimes. Alleged violations of local, state, and federal law are referred for prosecution, while possible violations of the University Code of Conduct are forwarded to the Office of Judicial Affairs.

When should I call 911 vs. the 24-hour DPS number?

Call 911 when there is a crime in progress, a fire, a medical emergency, when someone is in physical danger or in other situations in which help is required immediately. When reporting an emergency, the following information will be needed:
  • The caller's name and phone number
  • Location of the emergency
  • Type of emergency, injuries
  • Number of victims
  • Age(s) of victim(s)
The University has also installed emergency call boxes throughout the campus. These phones are strategically placed around campus, easily visible and will connect you directly to campus police.

If I have a problem but it's not an emergency, who should I call?

For those situations in which the immediate intervention of emergency personnel is not required, call (573) 651-2215, the 24-hour general information line of the University Police. If you live in a municipality, call your municipal police department.

Lost Items

The Evidence and Property Division is the repository for lost or stolen items found on University property. After an item is turned in, follow-up investigations are conducted to ensure the found property is returned to its rightful owner. If you have lost something on campus, call the Department of Public Safety at (573) 651-2215 to see if the item has been turned in. Found Southeast Missouri State identification cards are turned over to ID Services.

Clery Act and Crime Statistics

Federal law requires the reporting of crime statistics to University students, faculty, and staff. In accordance with the Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act the University provides the following information to University students, employees and others upon request.

SE Alerts

The SE Alert system informs campus community members about emergency or criminal incidents on campus. Students, faculty, and staff , receive texts, emails, or phone calls when a campus announcement is made.

University Police During COVID-19

The University Police Department will remain open 24/7. For emergencies you can call (573) 651-2911 and for routine business, call (573) 651-2215.


Department Divisions

  • Patrol Division

    The majority of University Police personnel are assigned to the Patrol Division. These officers are trained, state certified peace officers, most of whom hold a bachelor's degree in criminal justice or related fields. These officers hold police commissions through the State of Missouri and the City of Cape Girardeau and participate in continuing education through training taught by department officers with instructor certifications in specialized areas. The Department of Public Safety has University Police Officers on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working on foot patrol and vehicle patrol throughout campus.
  • Investigation Division

    The Investigation Division is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of reports from the Patrol Division and reports made directly to the Investigation Division. Investigators coordinate intelligence information, assist with administrative investigations, and conduct criminal investigations for presentation to state and municipal prosecutors. The University Police Department is a member of the Cape Girardeau/Bollinger Counties Major Case Squad. University Police Investigators are also assigned and serve on the Major Case Squad.
  • Communication Division

    The Communications Division of the Department of Public Safety is responsible for the answering of 911 calls, the monitoring of campus alarms, as well as the dispatching of emergency services.

Authority of DPS

The Department of Public Safety has the primary responsibility for all law enforcement and safety on campus and has developed a close working relationship with the Cape Girardeau Police Department and the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department. The Board of Regents has delegated authority to the Department of Public Safety to enforce University rules and regulations, as well as municipal and state laws. University police officers have full police authority on all properties owned or controlled by the University and have authority within the City of Cape Girardeau. Cape Girardeau Police Department and the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department have jurisdiction on campus and can be asked to assist by the Department of Public Safety.

This working relationship with local authorities allows the department to monitor and report criminal activities of students at off-campus student organizations and/or student activities. The department maintains a liaison with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The Department of Public Safety meets with these departments on a formal and an informal basis and on specific issues as the need arises.

Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct oversees the Statement of Student Rights and Code of Student Conduct, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of the student body at Southeast. This office works with DPS and other units on campus to support students and create a safe learning environment.

Active Shooter Response

In addition to offering active shooter response training, Southeast has created a guide to help prepare, empower, and bring peace of mind to our campus community.

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