Refunds Due to Course Withdrawal

There may come a time when you believe that it is in your best interest to drop a course. This is not a decision to take lightly, as there are many factors to consider. In most instances, dropping a class or changing your schedule is permitted through the end of the first Friday of the semester (fall & spring) without much impact. However, if you are a full-time student dropping below 12 hours, there could be more significant changes to your financial aid. After the first week, your hours/classes are considered “frozen” and making changes may impact your financial aid and/or your bill. Dropping a course may create a credit balance owed to the student (a refund) or a balance owed to Southeast if charges remain.

Depending on when you drop a course, a fee adjustment may or may not be applied to your Southeast account. Every class has a scheduled refund period.

The following fee adjustment periods for tuition, general and course-related fees will apply based on the effective date of the withdrawal/drop, as counted in business days. Days shown are minimum fee adjustment periods and may be extended based on academic calendar requirements, holidays, or other non-standard academic periods.

Sixteen/Twelve-Week Sessions
Through the published last day to add a class 100%
5 days after the 100% period 70%
5 days after the 70% period 60%
5 days after the 60% period 50%
All days after the 50% period 0%
Six/Eight-Week Sessions
Through the published last day to add a class 100%
2 days after the 100% period 70%
2 days after the 70% period 50%
All days after the 50% period 0%
Four-Week Sessions
Through the published last day to add a class 100%
2 days after the 100% period 50%
All days after the 50% period 0%

For specific dates, visit the Student Financial Calendar!

Note: If you add and drop different types of classes (i.e. sixteen week, eight week, six week, four week, three week, or off-campus classes) in the same refund period, you will be charged for the added class and credited the appropriate percentage for the dropped class.

Dropping classes can impact your SAP status and could cause you to lose financial aid eligibility. Please make sure and familiarize yourself with the SAP policy early so that you do not accidentally disqualify yourself. If you are considering dropping a course during the semester, just contact us to discuss any impact.

If you drop all of your classes (withdrawal from Southeast) and have received any Title IV funding (i.e. Pell, Federal Student Loans, etc.), credit balances will not be refunded immediately as you must go through the Return to Title IV process.

Federal regulations mandate the amount and order of Federal Title IV funds that must be returned when a student completely withdraws from the University. Funds that may be returned include Loans, Pell Grant, Perkins Loan or SEOG. In some cases, the mandated return of Federal Title IV funds will leave an unpaid balance on the student's account for which the student is responsible.

Should you have any questions regarding the return of Title IV funds from your account contact Student Financial Services at (573) 651-2253 or

Full Return to Title IV Policy

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