Through SEMO-Pay, students are able to access electronic billing statements, view their full account history, make payments, setup payment plans, and grant authorized payer access to another person. SEMO-Pay serves as the primary source for billing and payment details.

Bills are due on the first business day of the month. Monthly statements become available approximately three weeks before the due date, and students are notified by email when available. Specific due dates can be found on the Student Financial Calendar.

In general, the first bill for each semester is due in:

  • Fall Semester - August
  • Spring Semester - January
  • Summer Semester - June

Receiving Bills

  • For all students, billing notifications are usually issued approximately 3 weeks before they are due.
  • Due dates can always be found on our Student Financial Calendar.

Prospective or incoming freshmen students won’t receive a bill with all the charges and accepted aid until officially enrolling in classes, usually at FirstSTEP orientation.

We will send your first bill of your first semester in the mail, to your permanent address. After that, all billing notifications will be done electronically. If someone else is helping to pay your bill, you can add them as an Authorized Payer in SEMO-Pay.

International students with a local Cape address will receive the first paper bill in the mail. After that, all billing will be done electronically.

Billing Address Warning

Do not assume your bill will be paid if you send it to someone else. As a college student, you are ultimately responsible and must follow-up. We would hate for you to face consequences (like having classes cancelled) for an unpaid balance!

Note: Paper bills will always show the full amount owed for the semester. If you are on a payment plan, you can see your payment amount by reviewing your account online!



After receiving your very first paper bill in the mail, all future billing notifications will be sent to your Southeast e-mail account.

Even though we send a bill, if you make changes to your schedule, financial aid, or add other charges, your bill may change. If you believe the statement isn't correct, don't panic. For the most updated information, we suggest you review your Account Summary online.

Review Billing Online

We offer two tools for reviewing your billing information online.

The Account Summary gives a full account history of all charges/payments during your time at Southeast, and allows online payment.

We have an Online Schedule Bill,which gives you a summary view (in the form of a billing statement); however, this is only available once the semester begins.

And don’t forget, due dates can always be found on our Student Financial Calendar.

Online Schedule Instructions

To understand your bill, we’ve developed a sample online schedule bill to explain the sections and help you in learning to read your bill.

Address Change

If you change your address where your bill is mailed, it is important that you update your information as soon as possible to avoid missed payments which could result in dropped classes.

1098-T Tax Document

The 1098-T is a tuition statement that universities provide to help students and families determine eligibility for educational tax credits. Your 1098-T will be available by January 31.

Student Financial Responsibilities

Students enrolled in Southeast have financial responsibilities for the courses they are taking and additional services contracted on campus. Know your responsibilities and review the Student Financial Responsibility and Contact Consent form.

Authorized Payers

You have the option to grant Authorized Payer access to others. Authorized Payers are able to pay on the student's behalf, and if given permission, these payers can view billing statements and access 1098-T tax statements. Authorized Payers must be created in SEMO-Pay [link to Payment Options] and can be removed by a student at any time.  Once created, Authorized Payers can benefit from many features of SEMO-Pay. Payers are able to save payment methods (only accessible to them), setup reoccurring payments, receive email alerts of bill availability or changes, and enroll in text reminders related to billing.

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