As a student in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, you will participate in professional training and degree programs incorporating your creativity with necessary skills and knowledge needed in the marketplace to launch an extraordinary career.

You'll gain incredible hands-on experience doing research with faculty, through internships, in flight training, or in our professional level manufacturing laboratories. With more than 96% of our graduates employed or continuing their education within six months of graduating, we think all this experience makes them competitive job and grad school candidates.

Successful Outcomes Rates

  • 96%


  • 97%


  • 94%

    Engineering and Technology

  • 100%

    Chemistry and Physics

  • 100%


  • 96%

    College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Overall Rate

Our graduates go into the workforce ready to take on careers in many areas.

Where our Grads Work

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Earning a degree is an investment in your future. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual salary of someone with a high school diploma earns $24,336 less than someone with a bachelor’s degree. Check out the median salaries of some of our most popular career paths.

Occupation Median Salary
Actuary $108,000
Agricultural and Food Scientist $65,000
Forensic Science Technician $59,000
Industrial Engineer $88,000
Zoologist/Wildlife Biologist $63,000
Environmental Scientist $71,000

For some of our students, Southeast is their first step towards a higher degree or certification. They go on to earn degrees at institutions all over the country.

Where Our Alumni Attend Graduate and Professional School

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College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

This program is housed within the College of STEM. The College prepares students to find creative solutions to problems. Curiosity and analysis merge, creating students ready to figure things out and then use that knowledge to make things better.

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