Research. Question. Create. Innovate. The study of STEM is about asking questions and finding creative answers. You’ll do that here.

At the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics we encourage students to be curious and analytical, to work to figure things out and then to use that knowledge to make things better.  We believe you’ll learn more from doing: 

  • Research opportunities as an undergraduate 
  • Scholarly activity at professional conferences 
  • Published research and publications 
  • Faculty-led projects and mentorship 
  • Networking at professional organizations 

STEM programs are challenging, but STEM students are ready to rise to the challenge. They know the programs are worth the payoff realized in high demand career fields.

Matching Passion with a Program


The College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics has more than 40 undergraduate and graduate programs and options across five departments in the college, graduating brilliant, experienced, confident graduates.

Facts & Figures

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    Research Locations

    From the Gulf Coast to Missouri, the College of STEM has partnerships and facilities to give students hands-on learning opportunities in the field in addition to campus. We know some of the best learning happens when you take the knowledge outside the classroom to apply it. 

  • 60+


    Forensics and DNA, chemistry and biology, computer information and industrial. We have a lab for that! Southeast’s science quad houses four buildings with multi-million-dollar laboratories to give you experience in modern facilities, so your first day on the job isn’t your first day doing the job.  

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    Our programs are focused on high quality, offering dynamic opportunities for students, and preparing them for the next step in their careers. Four accrediting bodies recognize the quality of Southeast’s programs and the student experience 

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    STEM Alumni Connections

    Southeast has a long history of educating STEM graduates and preparing them for what comes next. Our alumni who report going on to some of the most recognized and notable graduate and medical schools in the world credit their SEMO education for preparing and putting them at the head of those classes. 

Research & Hands-on Learning

You want to learn about that knowledge you’re pursuing but then, you want to put it into practice. Here, you’ll conduct experiments near the Arctic Circle, automate a manufacturing process, treat patients in Central America, work at a research farm, and learn in the exact type of facilities you’ll one day find yourself employed—all as part of your curriculum.

Southeast Missouri Regional Science Fair

We are invested in providing opportunities for our regional students' futures. The Southeast Missouri Regional Science Fair allows a place for high school and junior high school students to explore their academic interests and build their career paths.

Accreditation affirms the high-level quality of the programs and the commitment to continuous improvement.

Southeast Programs Are Accredited By

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  • Logo for ABET Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission
  • Logo for ACS Chemistry for Life
  • Logo for ATMAE: Lead, Innovate, Collaborate | The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering

Dean, College of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

"We’re committed to student-centered education. Excellence in teaching and research, high quality service, outstanding students and successful alumni are hallmarks of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. "

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