The Student Government Association is the representative body of students at Southeast Missouri State University. We strive to enhance the Redhawk experience by listening to the students and amplifying their voice for all to hear.

We share the student perspective, while working collaboratively and collectively with the administration of the University to efficiently resolve issues, provide unique opportunities, weigh in vocally on pressing matters, and support our fellow Redhawks.

We want to hear from you!

Do you have an idea or issue you want to see the Student Government Association tackle? Do you have an exciting program, event, or activity taking place you want the Student Government Association to announce during Senate meetings? If so, let us know and submit your announcement below.

Student Government Representatives

The Student Government Association elects representatives to the executive board and senate. Student Senate is a collection of students who represent their college.

Election Process

Elections for the Student Government Association Executive Board occur every spring semester and constituents are elected by individual college to the senate.

Scholarships and Awards

Student Government selects the recipient of The Barbara Hope Kem Fund Scholarship. This is a scholarship awarded to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 with an ACT of at least 23 or an SAT of at least 1600, with a preference for students with financial need verified by FAFSA, who demonstrates exceptional motivation to further their education and pursue a career in their chosen field.

Hear from an Alum

"My education at Southeast, both undergrad and graduate school, certainly prepared me with the tools to find success in the workplace. I do believe it was, however, the experiences outside of the classroom that truly prepared me for the real world. The competitive nature that lives within Greek Life, my interpersonal experiences I gained from being a Resident Assistant, my exposure to diversity as a Student Government Senator are what give me the best chance to succeed in the workplace."

Andy Baker, '15 Corporate Communications, '17 Master in Public Administration

Andy Baker, Southeast Alumnus


Funding and financial assistance is provided by the Student Government Association of Southeast. Requests for funding can be made online.

Rental Agreement

Over the past few years the Student Government Association has begun accumulating an inventory of items for registered student organizations to take advantage of without necessarily having to purchase additional items for activities, programs, and events.

Rental Agreement Form
Rental Request Form

Student Government Association

Meeting and Notes

Keep up to date on meeting minutes and check out the Student Government Association's impressive list of accomplishments over the years.


  • We understand that in order for change to happen, in order for great ideas to be implemented, they need to first be shared.
  • We are ready to have dynamic conversations and discussions about things that matter to you.
  • We realize to be effective student body representatives, we need to not only encourage these dialogues but facilitate and ensure they occur continuously.
  • We recognize the thoughts and ideas of every student of every affiliation are essential to the betterment of this University and we are excited to hear you out.
  • No matter the idea, big or small, repeated or original, no idea is unimportant and no individual is left out.
  • We cannot spell inclusion without “U,” and we cannot build community without “unity.”
  • You matter.
  • You are the change agents of this University.
  • We are just the megaphone that amplifies your voice for all to hear.


  • Impact: Have a strong effect on someone or something
  • Improve: Make or become better
  • Include: To take part in or compromise as a part of a whole or group
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