The Student Government Association Representatives are elected officials who represent their college and the University.

Executive Board officers (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) are elected by the Southeast student body and serve a one year term.

The President is the spokesperson for the Southeast student body and presides over executive board meetings. The President also has the power to appoint student representatives to the Faculty Senate and numerous other University standing committees.

The Vice President of the Student Government Association serves as the President of the Senate. The vice president acts as a liaison between the Senate and the executives and also presides over all Senate meetings.

The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Student Government Association and presides over Funding Board.

Name Position Year Major Email
Layla Bouzihay President Senior Integrated Marketing Communications 
Nolan Knupp Vice President Senior Biology: Biological Sciences
Sophie Machen Treasurer Junior Social Studies: Secondary Education
Kate Appleman Secretary Senior Biology: Biomedical Sciences
Alex Auck Chief of Staff Senior Business Administration 
Luke Collins Parlimentarian Junior Political Science and Social Studies Education
Joel Philpott University Affairs Committee Chair Junior Finance and Entrepreneurship
Abbey Hammack Student Issues Committee Chair Senior Political Science
Nur-E-Afra Anika Diversity and Inclusion Chair Senior Electrical Engineering and Physics
Sidney Siebert Special Projects Committee Chair Senior Biology: Biomedical Sciences

Senate: Holland College of Arts and Media

Name Year Major Committee Email
Benji Arrigo Senior Theatre Technology and Design By-Law Revision 
Roman Holloway Sophomore Public Relations University Affairs
Emla Holsted Junior BFA Musical Theatre and Communications Diversity and Inclusion 
Allison Lauter Junior Multimedia Journalism Special Projects
Brecken Styles Freshman BFA Musical Theatre and Spanish Public Relations 
Emma Weller-Stilson Junior BFA Theatre Public Relations

Senate: Harrison College of Business and Computing

Name Year Major Committee Email
Heather Hoffman Junior Marketing Management Special Projects
Chase Jones Sophomore Business Administration Finance
Jace Lowe Sophomore Computer Science Student Issues
David Oliver Junior Marketing Management Diversity and Inclusion 
Ethan Wann Sophomore Business Administration University Affairs 
Matthew Wilde Sophomore Computer Science University Affairs

Senate: College of Education, Health and Human Studies

Name Year Major Committee Email
Allison Appleman Junior Pre-Nursing Public Relations 
Natalie Augustyn Junior Elementary Education University Affairs
Andrew Murphy Freshman Social Studies Finance 
Justin Tuschhoff Senior Psychology Diversity and Inclusion
Makenna Wessell Freshman Secondary English Education Diversity and Inclusion 

Senate: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Year Major Committee Email
Hannah Brugger Senior Political Science Public Relations 
Owen Crowder Sophomore English University Affairs
Ross Kasting Senior History Diversity and Inclusion
Jonah McGuire Freshman History and Pre-Law By-Law Revision 
Sarah St. John Sophomore Political Science By-Law Revision
Ryan Wilke Junior Political Science University Affairs

Sentate: College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Name Year Major Committee Email
Anna Carpenter Senior Agriculture Communications By-Law Revision
Kristen Judge Senior Biology: Biomedical Sciences Special Projects
Katarina Lettner Senior Biology: Biomedical Sciences Finance 
Oliver Romero Freshman Pre-Med Student Issues 
Corbin Sexton Freshman Electrical Engineering Technologies Finance 
Gabriela Soltys Sophomore Mollecular and Cellular Biology and Biotechnology Public Relations

First Year Senators

Name Year Major Committee Email
Keiton Buck Freshman Undeclared Student Issues 
Brock Freeman Freshman Political Science Special Projects 
Sydney Gregory Freshman Musical Theatre By-Law Revision 
Paige Newlin Freshman Biology: Biomedical Sciences Student Issues 
Stephanie Ramsey Freshman Cybersecurity Special Projects 
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