Southeast is a place of doing, creating, and innovating. Although these things happen across campus everyday, there is one place that shows off these ideals in a special way.

Take a stroll downtown towards the river and you will find Catapult Creative House. With its large glass windows you can easily look inside to see products for sale, art, and even an area with press equipment. Go inside and you’ll find students passionate about creating. Catapult is a multi-faceted facility, providing work and classroom spaces, and unique opportunities for hands-on learning.

The store portion of Catapult is stocked with 50% student made or curated items. Working with Catapult staff, students learn how to price, collect tax for, and present their products. Students looking for a more hands-on approach to salesmanship can participate in one of Catapult’s pop-up shop events. These events put students work front and center in a vendor sales environment. Students can talk with customers one-on-one about their products and creative process.

Spaces to Create

Upstairs you’ll find smaller workspaces available for students, wtih some occupied long-term by creators. These spaces contain finished and in progress projects that reflect the student’s style and abilities. Additional spaces provide short-term work areas for students needing a break from working at home, or for those finishing projects. 

Sisters Vickie Bollinger and Rhonda Johnson use their space to create products to sell in Catapult’s shop and during pop-up shops. Painted rocks, ornaments, and canvases are a few of their specialties. They are a favorite among Catapult staff for their positivity.

Southeast Art & Design Student

"I got started with Catapult when I met Leah Powers, what an awesome person she is. She has helped me so much navigate through technology, teach me to be a better writer, how to search for scholarships, and who to talk to if I need more help. Also, Professor Emily Denlinger from Intro to Art And new technology also encouraged me to reach for the stars and I have the motivation to keep going. I have to also thank Dr. Joni Hand for all her help in getting the space for four years and striving to be the best artist I can be. She has encouraged me many times and stays in touch with me to see how I am doing."

Vickie Bollinger

Vickie Bollinger smiles for a photo.