When it comes to sharing the SEMO story and the successes of our students and alumni, the Marketing and Communications team is just as driven and tenacious as those whose stories we tell.

We’re Southeast’s in-house creative agency. We develop the strategy and manage the brand to help Southeast pursue its mission. Our primary focus is on finding students with the will do who feel Southeast is the perfect fit. We also work to strengthen our alumni community, so they are just as connected to campus as they were when trudging up Cardiac Hill. 

We work collaboratively with our campus partners to create strategic marketing initiatives to move SEMO forward. If you have a story to share, we want you to work with us!

Let's Work Together

Our favorite thing to do is collect the data and then get creative. If you have a goal in mind that fits into Southeast’s strategic initiatives, we want to help you reach it. We also know that together, there isn’t anything this community can’t do. It’s why we host Brand Camp throughout the year, so we can work together on elevating the Southeast brand and give you the tools you need to promote and advance your program.

Need Web Assistance

Whether you need to make an edit to your website, have a bigger project in mind, or are interested in data or training. Marketing & Communications has you covered. Web edits and event submissions should be sent to the WebQ for the fastest response. If you do not have access to the webQ, please email web@semo.edu. All other inquiries, just contact us

The SEMO Brand

Southeast’s brand is just as hard-working as the stories it tells. Stories about what our community decides to do and accomplishes. Stories about the challenges we face and overcome. Stories about the support we give each other and the success we celebrate. If you want support in using the brand and sharing your story, we want to help with your strategy, messaging, and execution.

Vendors and Partners

For certain marketing projects, you’ll need to work with an outside vendor. This happens when the project doesn’t quite fall under Marketing & Communications’s strategic priorities or in cases where the vendor just needs to do the work, such as promotional projects or signage. Marketing & Communications coordinates several contracts to provide approved vendors ready to assist with your project and meet brand standards.

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