The Prevention Resource Center works to decrease youth substance misuse and use through understanding the unique risk factors and behaviors in each of the communities served.

While building relationships in each community, we gain a better understanding of the specific needs. Currently, we have begun to implement several evidence-based strategies with plans to carry out more in the future.

40 Developmental Assets

A Framework of 40 Developmental Assets, released by Search Institute many years ago, has become one of the most widely used approaches in youth development. The Framework of Developmental Assets has been very successful. Many partnerships have been built in which ‘Developmental Asset’ materials are dispersed throughout the community. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for youth or adults who are mentors, teachers, parents, volunteers, or youth leaders, please contact Nikki at

Evidence-Based Programming

Evidence-based programs are programs that have been tested in a controlled setting and show positive results. The programs are adjusted into practical formats to be used by community organizations. Our evidence-based programming enhances protective factors to reduce negative outcomes for youth, educates about substance misuse, and works to decrease risk factors. We are working to implement evidence-based programming into Service Area 21 schools.

Talk About It Campaign

Opioid addiction can happen to anyone. Talking to your kids about the dangers of drugs can cut their risk for future use in half. We know starting these conversations can be difficult and uncomfortable, and it can be easy for adults to assume that kids know all they need to know about making healthy choices. Talk About It MO is dedicated to giving families the encouragement, resources, and tools to have these life-changing discussions. This campaign provides talking kits with suggested topics and tips to help you have a constructive conversation with your child.

It's never too early to start talking with your child about drug misuse. Kits are available for children in pre-K all the way through high school.

Available Kits

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