Welcome to the International Village! A place for you to feel at home and connect with other international students!

The International Village is a unique initiative at Southeast that demonstrates the University's commitment to comprehensive internationalization. Southeast believes it has a responsibilty to provide its students with an education that prepares them to be leaders in the increasingly interconnected and globalized world. And the International Village is a tool to help us meet that important responsibiltiy.

The International Village serves as a hub for internationally-related activities on campus. In addition to being the home for the Office of International Education and Services and the Intensive English Programs, the International Village provides a number of different venues for people from the campus and community to gather in order to share and learn about the world around us and among us.

Facilities Available in International Village

IV Admin Building 102: Resource Room

This room is for students to learn about study abroad opportunities the University offers. It can be reserved for presentations and activities for up to 20 people and can be set up in a variety of ways to meet your unique needs.

IV Admin Building 105: Video Conferencing Room

This room can be used for videoconferencing and webcasting needs. It features videoconferencing equipment and can accommodate up to 8 people.

IV Admin Building 106: Multipurpose Room and Kitchen

The Multipurpose Room can accommodate activities for up to 200 people (depending on the setup), and, as the name suggests, can be used for a range of purposes–athletics, music and cultural presentations, movies, and food events. The room also features an 8-burner, two-oven, upscale residential kitchen.

IV Admin Building 107: IEP Computer Lab

A 15-seat computer lab can be used for a variety of trainings and presentations.

Request an International Village Room

The variety of venues in the International Village allows for groups to lead educational, informational, recreational, and/or social activities.

Room Reservation Policies

  • All reservable rooms in the International Village have a standard set up. It is the sole responsibility of the group reserving the room to set the room up to meet their needs and to return the room to its standard set up after they are finished. International Education and Services staff is not available to help groups prepare for or clean up after activities.
  • Room reservations must be made, so the reserved time also covers the time necessary for setting the room up and returning it to its standard set up. If a group plans to use FM services for equipment and set up, please be sure that the room reservation covers the time necessary to accommodate FM's delivery and retrieval of equipment.
  • It is the responsibility of the person reserving a room at the International Village to visit beforehand to understand the resources available for use. The International Village has some furniture and equipment available for use, but obtaining any other equipment for an event is the sole responsibility of the person reserving the room.
  • Anyone who reserves an International Village room is responsible for all clean up after their activities, especially when food is involved. Certain cleaning supplies (listed below) are available, and they are expected to be used. Groups will be expected to sweep the floor of the spaces used, wipe all surface areas, and spot mop any spills or drips that may have occurred. Cleaning supplies available in the back room of the kitchen are:
    • Broom/dustpan
    • Mop and bucket w/ casters
    • Vinegar (pour into bottles)
    • Vindicator (disinfectant; to be diluted in spray bottle)
    • Glass cleaner (again, to be diluted)
    • Hand soap for dispenser
    • Bags
    • Dish soap
  • The person/group who made the reservation will be held accountable for any uncleaned items and/or damages incurred to the International Village during the time the room is reserved.
  • Southeast's University Police will be responsible for opening and locking the exterior doors to the International Village for events that begin or end outside of the University's standard hours of operation (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). For any issues pertaining to after-hours building access, please contact University Police at (573) 651-2215.
  • Some cooking equipment is available for use in kitchen like pots, pans, carafes, coffee pots, etc. If a group chooses to use these, they must all be cleaned, dried, and returned to their storage space. Groups planning to prepare food should look at our inventory in advance, so they can arrange to bring anything else they may need. (Note: The stoves in the kitchen use inductive heat, which means only pots and pans with an iron content will work. To know if a pot or pan will work on the stove tops, check to see if a magnet sticks to the bottom. If a magnet sticks, it will work; if a magnet does not stick, it will not work.)
  • With the exception of cleaning materials, all consumables found in the International Village (i.e., disposable cups, plates, silverware, coffee supplies, etc.) are the property of International Education and Services and are not available for use. ·Policies pertaining to serving and/or preparing food for activities at the International Village are as follows:
    • It is permissible to:
      • buy food and beverages to prepare and/or serve for activities and events held at the International Village
      • prepare food off-campus and bring to the International Village for an event and use the kitchen space to serve or finish off the dishes.
      • have an outside vendor donate food and serve at the International Village. However, this must be a true donation and not that they donate the food, but charge for labor or say that part of the total cost is a donation.
    • It is not permissible to:
      • charge people for food and drink that is served at the International Village
      • pay to have an outside vendor prepare and/or serve food for events held at the International Village
      • prepare food at the International Village that will be served elsewhere
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