Let’s face it. When it comes to part-time job opportunities, we know you have options in the Cape Girardeau area. However, working on campus can connect you with a large network of faculty, staff, and students who are interested in your academic success and will put your student needs before their work needs. You may even be able to find a part-time job within your area of study to gain professional experience.

To be eligible to participate in the student employment programs at Southeast, students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program and enrolled in a minimum number of hours (U.S. citizens – 6 hours, international undergraduates – 12 hours, international graduates – 9 hours, international graduate assistants – 6 hours). All student workers are limited to working a maximum of 20 hours per week. During summer and breaks, students may be eligible for additional hours, based on the approval of their supervisor.  

High school, provisionally admitted students, Cape College Center students, and students enrolled in the intensive English program are not eligible to work on campus.   

The Office of Career Services posts available student worker positions on Handshake.  
Additional information concerning student employment can be found on mySEMO. 

Disclosure of Civil Conviction or Disciplinary Action 

Disclosing a civil conviction or disciplinary action on the Student Employment Work Referral will not automatically prevent employment. Students may be hired, commence employment, and receive payment for work during the review of this information by the University's Coordinator of Student Development and Judicial Affairs. 
The Judicial Affairs Coordinator will determine if the disclosed information may affect eligibility to work on campus, location of employment, or attendance at the University. The coordinator will notify all appropriate parties regarding the outcome of this review. For questions regarding this review, contact the Judicial Affairs Office at (573) 651-2264. 
Information regarding civil convictions or college discipline is currently collected on the admissions application and will continue to be collected for students applying to the University. However, Southeast must also collect this information when a student seeks employment, in order to have the most current information available. 

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