Choosing a college or university can be a stressful journey and picking a major can add to it. But the truth is, it’s completely OK, and normal, to start out undecided.


Here at Southeast, around 25% of our students begin as undecided or exploratory majors. Simply put, sometimes you just don’t know exactly what you want to study, and that’s totally OK! We have lots of people on staff dedicated to helping you decide, including our Academic Support Center and Academic Advisors

Southeast’s Academic Advisors are a web of knowledgeable and friendly staff. With a designated advisor for undecided majors, our team is ready to help you answer questions and meet academic goals, no matter what your major is! Your advisor will help you choose classes based on your interests, and will make sure those classes count toward your degree. Advisors are available by appointment through email, phone, and Zoom.

Our Academic Support Centers (ASCs) and TRIO Programs at Southeast assist students in the enhancement of their academic achievement as well as navigating their journey through college. Through the use of tutorial services, leadership development and opportunities, student employment, mentoring, scholarship support, and much more, the ASC team works tirelessly to ensure every Redhawk’s success. 

Being an undecided student also allows you to get involved on campus! Events are always happening on and around the Southeast campus, including ones that are connected to specific majors and programs. Attending campus events can be a great tool for meeting new people and gaining new experiences!

This web of friends and faculty is not only important for networking, but also incredibly useful in determining what kind of career might interest you most. One of the best things about a job is the people you work with, and the same can be said for the people you share a major with.

Whether you’re a brand-new college student or a transfer from another institution, there’s no reason to stress about having your whole future figured out on day one. You’re in good company as an undecided student, and Southeast offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration and growth as you work to decide what you want to major in.