Needing some advice before sending your student off to SEMO? We have tips from Redhawk parents!

Three students walking together on campus, laughing.

1. Send your freshman to Camp Redhawk!
My daughter was reluctant to go, but I didn’t give her a choice. The experience transformed her. She hated high school and had absolutely no school spirit. On the last day of camp, the campers awarded her the camp spirit award! She and her friends were teary when they said good-bye but stayed in touch on social media to count down the days until move-in. The best part is when she arrived at SEMO on the first day, she had friends waiting for her. It made her transition–and ours–much easier.

2. Using a banking app that links your account and your student’s account.
It makes it so easy to transfer money to them, and also to keep an eye on their spending and balance as they are learning to really manage money/a bank account for perhaps the first time. For us, it was made even easier because we are US Bank customers and there is a USB ATM on campus. They also offer account setup at orientation.

3. Remind your student to read all the online application information very carefully.
When it came to housing, my son overlooked an important link that would have helped him get his first choice.  Fortunately, when we realized that he did get his first choice for housing, there was time for him to be put on a waiting list and it all worked out fine. Nonetheless, remind your student to read all the application information very carefully - especially click on the links!

4.  Don’t choose a college for a specific major.
Most kids change majors numerous times. Pick a university with lots of choices and classes that are transferable from one major to another. And, most importantly, pick a place you and your student feel comfortable and that’s a good fit.

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