I know if I try to do homework in my room, I’ll take a brief phone break then end up scrolling on Tik Tok for three hours. To prevent this, I have found different spots on SEMO’s campus where I feel productive while studying.


1. Outside of the library

On those barely rainy days, when the sun keeps coming out, but the weather is otherwise perfect, the covered area outside of Kent library is the perfect spot to enjoy the weather worry-free. I prefer the concrete benches over the metal tables because I like to have my work spread out. But, either choice works! If it starts to get chilly, the coffee shop inside has lots of hot drinks to help warm you up.


2. Hammocks

There are hammocks all over SEMO’s campus, and it’s the perfect spot to enjoy some fresh air. Shaded under the trees and away from the distractions of the main walkways, hammocks are a great place to crack open your textbook and get your work done. I typically sink down into the
hammock, where I can’t get distracted by things happening around me, when I really need complete concentration.


3. Dempster SECOND floor

When studying, I like to have everything placed out in front of me to make it easier to switch between materials. But, I still need to be comfortable. Otherwise, I won’t be studying for long. The tables on the second floor of Dempster provide a large surface to lay out your materials, and they have swivel chairs. I am quick to get antsy while studying, so being able to have the slight movement of the chair keeps me from needing to take a stretch break as often. The tables face a wall, so there’s not much to distract you. For group projects, there is plenty of close seating to work together!


4. UC lounge

For assignments that don’t require complete concentration, my place of choice is the UC lounge. The couches are comfortable, and there are plenty of outlets nearby if my laptop is running low. No matter when I go, I always see friends passing by. They’ll usually grab some food and join me, which always makes homework more enjoyable.


5. Study room in the library

For group projects, it’s great to reserve one of the study rooms in the library. Each room comes with a whiteboard and TV with an HDMI cord that makes it easy to map out all that needs to be done for the work. They are closed off, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting other students. And by reserving it, you’ll know for sure that there is a space open.


6. CSI

The Center for Student Involvement in the UC is another great spot for group projects. There are plenty of comfortable chairs near each other, and you wouldn’t disturb others around. If you need a study break, there’s a few arcade games you can play! There are also art supplies, so if the project requires craftiness, there’s great materials there to use.


7. Starbucks

Starbucks is definitely a student favorite for study spots on campus. When a Starbucks drink is involved, it’s hard to say no to joining a study session. I prefer this for assignments that aren’t timed, so I can switch between conversation and doing my work.


8. River Campus backyard

River Campus has some of the most beautiful spots on campus. The back of the building facing the river is a peaceful location to get some fresh scenery. There are multiple benches, but I like to bring a blanket to sit on the grass and do my work. When spring first begins, I prefer this spot to really enjoy the weather after a long winter.


9. Outside of the Greenhouse

Whenever I’m having a bad day, going to the greenhouse always cheers me up. For assignments that I have been putting off, the one place that gets me excited to do them is the greenhouse. There’s a metal bench outside the entrance that remains mostly unoccupied. When I need a break, it’s easy to take a walk around the greenhouse or around the property and come back to my work with a fresh mindset.


10. THIRD floor Brandt

One of the more unknown study locations includes the third floor of Brandt. There are lots of windows providing natural light. Plenty of comfortable chairs are available, and it doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. If you like to study with music, this is a perfect place. There are practice rooms nearby, so it is common to hear students practicing piano. It is a very peaceful environment that encourages concentration.


- SEMO Social Ambassador, Heather Hoffman