College is different than high school. New environment. New style of learning. More responsibility. Here are a few things your professors want you to know to help make your college career a success.



Be an active learner. Show up for class. Take notes. Professors will ask questions on their tests based on their lectures. Read the syllabus. Do your homework and reading assignments on time.

You are an adult

You chose to sign up for your courses and come to college. You have the freedom to underperform or even quit. It is your responsibility to do your schoolwork and show up on time.

You are expected to ask questions in class

Professors cannot read your mind. If you do not understand something, ask. Other students probably do not understand it either. Do not be afraid to ask!

Use professors’ office hours to ask questions

That is why they have (virtual) office hours. Have your notes and class materials with you when you ask questions.

You are expected to do some work outside of class

Plan how long it will take to do your reading assignments each week. Plan time to write papers and study lecture notes.

You are here at college to prepare yourself for your future career

Take it seriously, but do not forget to have fun!