A cluttered desk can leave you feeling frustrated and distract you from getting important work done. We have a few mindful tips to help your space stay organized.


1. Keep the Clutter Down

Just because you can fit 20 knick knacks on your desk doesn’t mean you should. Keeping personal items like photos and decorations down to three or under limits distractions and keeps your desk from getting cluttered.

2. Put it Away

Only leave the supplies you are currently using on your desk. There’s really only a few items you need out on your desk at a time, the rest can go in a drawer or another designated spot. This keeps your desk neat, and prevents you from losing your favorite pen under a stack of papers.

3. Leave Some Space

No matter how messy your desk gets in the future, make an effort to leave a paper sized space open at all times. Keeping this space open gives you a place to sign papers or write notes and gives you a gauge to tell when your desk needs organizing. If you don’t have enough room to write, you should probably do some cleaning.