Now that 2021 is over, it’s time to think of what I want out of 2022.

Here are my 2022 New Year’s Resolutions. Let them give you the inspiration to make your own:  

  • Travel to at least 5 new places- These places can be small/local or international and extravagant. I want to constantly open my mind to experiences and travel is the best way.  
  • Expand my career opportunities- As I transition to after undergrad life, I must really think about what my future holds for me. Does that mean Grad school? Does that mean finding my dream job in a new city? Those are the questions I must answer this year- quickly.  
  • Graduate from Southeast Missouri State- I graduate in May 2022. I am utterly terrified. This university has given me so much and I will forever be grateful for these past four years. It’s really a milestone.  
  • Take care of myself- I spend too much time caring about others and making sure their needs are met. I challenge myself to take time for myself. I want to know what Layla likes and experiences what Layla wants to do. I want to love myself unconditionally and enjoy my own presence.  
  • Be healthier- As generic as that is, it’s true. I just know a healthy body and a healthy mind will make me unstoppable. I want to live the IT Girl life- green smoothies, waking up early, gym time, making my bed every morning.  

 As you create your list of resolutions, be nice to yourself. You go through so much every day of your life. You can’t be superwoman (even if you try to be) so give yourself some slack. Enjoy your rest days. Eat that ice cream. Be you. Be happy. Be sad. Do whatever YOU want to do. Life is too short to micromanage every aspect of your life. As students, we already have a mile-long list of what we need to do.  

Enjoy 2022. You deserve a great year. #repthenest