You'll have several years to explore Southeast and Cape Girardeau, but to help you find your way, we’ve asked current students to share their must-do list for your first year on campus!

  • Tailgate and watch the Redhawk Walk along Bellevue St. before a home football game
  • Go into the Dome
  • See a show at the River Campus
  • Watch the lights turn off on the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge at midnight
  • Feed the ducks at Capaha Park
  • Make some international friends and learn a new language
  • Go sledding on the old band field behind Towers
  • Study abroad
  • Go out for First Friday downtown and see all of the art shows
  • Get dirty fries from Burritoville
  • Play sports on the practice field next to LaFerla/Towers late at night
  • Wake up early (or don't go to bed) and get breakfast at Towers when they open
  • Walk to Andy's Frozen Custard
  • Eat at every place on campus
  • Go to at least one of each Redhawk athletic home event
  • Get ice cream at Spanish Street Mercantile... and Sugar Chic... and Buddy's Rolled Ice Cream
  • Join something, anything
  • Walk along the Mississippi River
  • Try Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston and catch a throwed roll
  • Walk up Cardiac Hill
  • Go to the Homecoming Parade
  • Use the Aquatic Center. It's one of the coolest things you're already paying for on campus
  • Visit Cape Rock
  • Put a piece of gum on the Gum Tree
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