Depression is also a sign of stress. Make sure to reach out to someone you trust if depression is something that you are experiencing.

Everyone gets to the point where their mental health may be suffering, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to plan a day off. Taking days off is essential to doing your best, especially if you feel your state of mental health has been affecting your work. You're more able to tackle tasks and assignments when you feel healthy. Planning your break in advance can help you really enjoy the day off knowing you aren't missing any major assignments.

Your mental health is something that you and you alone are in charge of, so take that day off and enjoy it! Do something that makes you feel good, whether that is going on a two-hour Target shopping trip, watching your favorite holiday movie, cleaning your house from top to bottom, or just simply sleeping in! Make this day yours, and use it to find what helps when your mental health may not be at its best. You know yourself better than anyone, so trust your personal judgement and make that decision to take a mental health day when you may need one.