Whether you’re an athlete, or looking for something fun to do, one of the best ways to meet and connect with new people in college is by joining intramurals and club sports. At Southeast, intramurals and club sports are student initiated and led, and open to all students and staff with all skill levels.


What You Need to Know:

  • Since the programs are student led, they provide opportunities for unique sports instruction and experience.
  • Intramurals are school-sponsored physical and recreation activities that occur outside the student's instructional time and are not competitions against other outside teams and groups.
  • The purpose of the intramural program is to provide fun, safe, and structured activities that promote the physical, mental and social health and well-being of every student.
  • Club sports are student-led teams that compete competitively with other universities, or colleges, but are not regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) or National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), and do not have varsity status.
  • Unlike intramurals, club sports are more competitive, play against other schools and require tryouts to join.
  • There are registration fees for joining.
  • You can join the teams at any time.
  • At Southeast, we have over twenty intramural and club sports, including: archery, badminton, baseball, bass anglers, disc golf, esports, equestrian, powerlifting / bodybuilding, rock climbing, running, rugby, men’s soccer, women's soccer, table tennis, co-rec volleyball, women’s volleyball, women’s basketball, Spike ball / Round net, swim, tennis, lacrosse, golf, and ultimate frisbee.
  • To get more information or join an intramural or sports club, you can contact Intramural & Club Sports at (573) 986-7379 or (573) 651-2105 or email the leader of one of the clubs. All the information and emails are listed on SEMO’s intramural and sports page.

unnamed-31.pngAt Southeast, we highly recommend intramurals and club sports for all our students, so they can get the chance to connect with new people and discover a new hobby or skill.