Are you ready to take on finals week? We've got a few tips to help you not only survive, but thrive this semester!

  1. Plan time to study
  2. Choose a good space
  3. Review materials verbally
  4. Use your assets
  5. Take breaks
  6. Take care of yourself by hydrating and resting


1.) Make Time


Between work and home life, finding the time to study can seem impossible. Avoid vague plans for studying like “Sometime this week” or “One day after I get off work”. Scheduling a specific time and day for studying during the week helps you plan accordingly to maximize your study time.

2.) Choose Your Space


As an online student you have the advantage of studying in the same space you will take the test. Make sure your study space has limited distractions and has enough room for all your materials. If you don’t think your typical study space will be good for test taking, look for alternatives like a library study room.

3.) Talk it Out


Find someone and talk about what you’re studying. Explaining what you’ve learned out loud to someone can help with memorization. It also turns bits of information into full sentences, making it easier to write out on the exam.

4.) Use Your Assets  


Having an open book exam doesn’t mean you can skip studying! Taking an exam without studying can be overwhelming and time consuming, even if you can look up answers. Look over the study guide or important information from your notes and write where to find it in the book.  This will help you find information easier during the exam while helping you review.

5.) Hydrate to be Great


Dehydration affects your memory and your ability to focus.  Make sure to keep water close by while studying or doing your exam!

6.) Do More With Your Breaks


Don’t just reach for your phone during your study breaks.  Activities like stretching, coloring, talking with a friend, going for a walk or tidying up can refresh your brain. Set alarms to start and end your breaks before you start studying to keep you on task.

7.) Get Some Rest 


It’s tempting to pull an all nighter to study or finish your exam, but sleep is an important factor in doing your best. If you have no other time to study, try to sleep well the night before.

Good luck Redhawks, you’ve got this!