Finals are right around the corner and we know this can be a stressful time. Here are some tips on how to survive the 'final flood'!


Collaborate with Peers

Study with people in your class. You can set a time where everyone is studying independently and available through group chat or you could video chat with the group to review together. Either way it’s useful to have different perspectives for questions and to be able to review with a partner who understands the material. 

Ask Your Professor

If you don’t understand something, reach out to your professor for help! Sometimes you need the one-on-one attention of office hours to really grasp a subject. The professor wants you to do well on the exam, so don’t be afraid to ask for additional help.

Write Down Due Dates & Test Times

Write down important due dates and test times in an easy to see place. Go a step further and set alarms if you need to. Finals are a stressful time and stress can make people forgetful. There’s no worse feeling than realizing you missed a deadline or have an exam due in thirty minutes. 


You still need to study for open book tests! It’s easy to assume you can look up the answers, but in most instances you won’t have enough time to search for every single question. Take time before the exam to review key topics, and even add bookmarks to important sections in your book. Remember that the whole point of taking the class is to learn, not just pass a final. Reviewing for the test helps cement information learned throughout the semester. 


Take steps to keep yourself sane during finals week. Planning ahead and staying on top of your work throughout the semester makes a big difference when it comes to finals, but you should also remember to take breaks in the moment. If you’re stumped on a topic take a break or move onto another subject. Stressing over everything you don’t 100% comprehend the first time can burn you out.