Four students in summer clothing pose in front of a river wall mural. The mural reads Welcome to Cape Girardeau Missouri and features an American flag and a rose.

Just like how there are events here on campus, there are also events and activities that take place in Cape Girardeau. So instead of spending yet another Saturday morning at Towers Café, go explore Cape’s farmers market. Or spend your Friday night at downtown’s First Friday events.

Downtown Cape, featuring a black clock tower and various store fronts.

In addition to getting to know Cape Girardeau and making fun memories, either by yourself or with your friends, it’s also important to get off campus for the sole purpose of getting off campus. Sometimes you need a break from the college atmosphere just to get back in touch with reality. It can be hard to remember that there is life outside of your classes and homework, so every once and a while go find somewhere new to explore to get your mind off of all your responsibilities. 

Capaha Park at golden hour. A large tree shades two people sitting on a bench by the pond.

Go take a walk in Capaha Park, find some new treasures at a downtown thrift store, take a picture with the giant Rhodes soda cup, treat yourself to a good meal at a local restaurant, or take a drive up to the Trail of Tears.

It’s important to remember that while you are here at SEMO you’re also in Cape Girardeau. So go explore!

-Micalli Muschinske