Are you interested in learning about other cultures? You don’t have to leave the country to do just that at SEMO. Our International Village brings the world to you showcasing just how much our campus community values diversity.


The benefits of learning about other cultures shouldn’t just happen during those study abroad trips. We weave diverse and international individuals and perspectives in all components of campus life because part of your education is preparing you to lead with an open mind in a globalized and interconnected world.

While the Village serves as a center for international students, it’s not just for those students. The events and activities hosted are open to all students with the goal of sharing those different perspectives through language, food, or even fashion. International Village offers different spaces and venues for students and community members alike to gather, learn, and share about the world around us. It is also home to both the Office of International Education and Services and the Intensive English Programs.

Whatever the event, students say the experience there is always different but always a place to gather, network, build lifelong friendships, and learn about the students on campus who come from all different countries.

International Village is a unique gathering space for students on campus, but at its core, it represents the heart of the University: a dynamic, inclusive, and engaging space for all Redhawks to enjoy.

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