However, Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) not only tries to teach the new culture and customs to the students but also tries to learn and embrace the cultures of international students. Each year SEMO tries to embrace all these cultures and tries to make the international community feel at home and teach American students about those cultures through different events such as Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem helps the international students feel a sense of home through food, music, traditional dressing, and a sense of unity among all the cultures. It also gives the students a sense of pride for their native countries, as they are able to talk about their home countries, their traditions, and customs with everyone.

As an international student, I’ve found that Carpe Diem can be one of the best things to make me feel at home. It also gives international students an opportunity to introduce their friends and other students to their own culture. Having all the international students represented in the same places also gives the students a true sense of cultural diversity at SEMO. Students are able to see and learn about the similarities and differences between their cultures, whether it may be differences in cuisine, music, fashion, or even traditions. But in the end, one of the major things that Carpe Diem brings is the feeling of belonging and being accepted by SEMO.