Maybe you’ve been accepted to SEMO, or maybe you’re considering it as an option. Plenty of factors must be considered when deciding where to go to college: location, affordability, programs, and so much more. Even though there are countless reasons to love Southeast Missouri State University, we’ve listed five of our favorites for you to consider when deciding which college is your best fit.


SEMO is known for being one of the most affordable universities in the state. With more than $20 million awarded annually, there’s an excellent opportunity to earn scholarships to help cover the costs of your education. Don’t forget about our textbook rental program! This keeps your average yearly total around $360.

Extraordinary Academics

At SEMO, it’s almost impossible to find a program that wouldn’t suit your interests. From Creative Writing to Nursing to Cybersecurity to Agribusiness, there are plenty of majors to choose from. With countless minors to choose from as well, you’ll be able to customize the perfect degree for you.


Earning your degree is the goal of your college experience, but becoming involved with your campus community is important as well. SEMO has more than 200 student organizations you can join or even lead. Joining additional groups allows you to make friends and meet new people, as well as trying new things. Extracurricular involvement looks great on a resume!

Location, location, location

When we talk about proximity, we simply mean you’re incredibly close to fun sites off-campus. In fact, our campus shuttles actually run into downtown Cape Girardeau, allowing you to walk by the river, grab a coffee, do some shopping, and more, all without needing to drive your own vehicle. If you do want to drive, you’re minutes away from many restaurants and shopping to suit any taste. We also have the W.I.N.G.S. shuttle on weekends, a service that will take you to specific locations in Cape Girardeau in case you don’t want to drive or don’t have access to a vehicle.

Faculty mentorship

One of the many awesome things about SEMO is our faculty. And they are ready and willing to help you not only make the transition to college, but help you along the way. You’ll have support from day one. All you have to do is ask.

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