Students are encouraged to contact the study abroad advisor and Campus Health Clinic about required and recommended immunizations.

In addition, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a good reference for immunizations and health issues that may be prevalent in certain countries.

Availability of Medications and Health Products  

Students should not assume they can fill U.S. prescriptions in-country or ship their medications to their host country. Students should speak with their program leader and check with the CDC and Department of State to determine if prescriptions can be filled on site or whether students will need to change medications. In some countries, standard U.S. over-the-counter medication may be banned; please consult with your study abroad program/faculty leader when packing essential health products.  

Other familiar health products such as saline solution or tampons may be difficult to find in-country. Students may need to bring those items with them or adapt to local products.  

Mental Health  

Studying abroad is a time of emotional and mental highs and lows for everyone, which may exacerbate existing conditions. Students who are currently undergoing therapy or medical treatment for mental health issues should consult with their doctor before going abroad. Students should also communicate with their study abroad program leader about any needs they may have for medication or therapy. Students should not make changes to their usual regime (such as trying to go off regular medication) without consulting with their doctors.

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