A certificate can open the doors to advancement in your field by giving you a new or advanced skill set. Some certificates can even cover continuing education requirements for certain fields.

The media for managers certificate is designed to prepare you for a career overseeing an organization’s creative media strategy. Whether you work independently in a small business or as a supervisor in corporate or nonprofit organizations, you’ll be able to manage media content strategy from idea to production to outcome analysis.

You’ll learn strategies to manage the combined use of traditional, digital, and social media platforms in order to create media content that achieves organizational objectives. After completion, you'll be ready to lead a team in creating captivating advertising campaigns, and know the right metrics from your analytics to gauge success. 

Media for Managers Certificate Program Curriculum

15 credit hours total. All courses offered fall/spring except MC316 only offered in the fall. MC304 is also offered in the summer. Some courses will be offered hyflex to accommodate both on-campus and online. Both on-campus and online options will be available to students, either in those unique modalities or hyflex.

Required Courses

  • MC231 Social Media Content Creation (3)
  • MC301 Media Analytics (3)
  • MC304 Media Diversity (3)
  • MC316 Advertising Media (3)
  • MC367 Converging Media (3)

MC231 Social Media Content Creation
Strategic communication techniques for creating and implementing social media strategies in the professional context with a special focus on content creation skills.  

MC301 Media Analytics
A study of research techniques and theories associated with media industry measurements, including audience composition, media output and audience responses. 

MC304 Media Diversity
An examination of the roles, impact, portrayals, perceptions, contributions and challenges of minorities in media content and media professions. 

MC316 Advertising Media
Study of advertising placement in all forms of media - emphasis on comparison, target audience delivery, cost efficiency and effectiveness. 

MC367 Converged Media Campaigns
Strategies to manage the combined use of traditional, digital and social media platforms in order to develop, produce and distribute media content designed to achieve organizational objectives.

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