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At Southeast, we have one of the nation’s only campuses dedicated to the arts. The Southeast River Campus is home to the Jeanine Larson Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre & Dance and provides unique opportunities to students pursuing a career in the performing arts. From main stage theatre productions, master classes, summer intensive programs, a showcase in NYC or Los Angeles, come see why we are ranked the #1 undergraduate theatre program in the state of Missouri and ranked in the top 30 programs in the nation! 

 What You'll Do

  • Training. Study with experienced faculty and staff in the areas of acting, scene study, movement, voice, stage combat, Shakespeare, and improvisation for live theatre, film, and television.  
  • Performance. Opportunities to perform in world-class venues in four mainstage theatre productions, one mainstage dance concert, two second stage theatre productions, and one second stage dance concert, as well as a host of one-acts, readings, cabarets, improv shows, and so on.  
  • Learn Across Disciplines. Opportunity to take courses in directing, playwriting, musical theatre, and design.
  • Certification in Stage Combat. Study 3 levels of stage combat in conservatory and participate in the annual Dueling Arts International summer residency, which provides combat training and certification for both stage and screen.  
  • Collaborate on New Plays. Every production season includes at least one world premiere, including collaborations with Tony, Oscar, and Emmy-winners.
  • Career Development. Prepare to launch a career in the industry through auditioning classes, as well as entrepreneurship classes and Senior Portfolio.  
  • Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival. Perform in the annual new play festival with guest artists and playwrights from across the country.  
  • Fault Line Film Festival. Act in one of dozens of student films produced as part of the annual nationwide festival held on the Southeast campus.  
  • Housing. Live and train in the beautiful River Campus on the banks of the Mississippi.  
  • Guest Artists. Benefit from an established program of master classes and residencies with professional guest actors, directors, and industry professionals.  
  • Study Abroad. Train at the prestigious NSKI University College in Oslo, Norway, the only institution in Scandinavia to teach Method Acting at degree level.  
  • Professional Auditions. Participate in numerous combined and individual professional theatre auditions across the country.  
  • Intensives and Professional Employment. Complete a required internship through various summer intensive acting programs and professional employment.  
  • Student Organizations. Join Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Theatre Fraternity, as well as any of our student production companies and improv troupes.  
  • BFA Reviews. Learn from faculty committees dedicated to providing individual feedback on training, academics, and career development for every student.  
  • BFA Project. Perform in a faculty or guest-artist directed mainstage or second stage production, followed by a project review with a faculty committee.  
  • Los Angeles or NYC Showcase. Participate in one of two showcases: Los Angeles with Actors Connection or New York City with The CRY HAVOC Company.  

What Can You Do with an Acting Degree?

Your education is just one piece to launching an extraordinary career. Once you’ve mastered the material, you still have to find the job you want, make the right connections, sell your knowledge and experience—and if all this is giving you anxiety, don’t panic. SEMO’s Career Services office is here to help you with the next step. They’ll provide the expertise and support you need, so you’re landing your dream job in no time. 

Internship and Employment Opportunities of Recent Graduates

  • Broadway, NYC
  • Off Broadway & Off Off Broadway, NYC
  • Goodman Theatre in Chicago
  • The Public Theatre, NYC
  • Cirque du Solei
  • Second City, Chicago
  • Lucille Lortell Theatre, NYC
  • Virginia Shakespeare Festival
  • B-Street Theatre
  • Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre
  • NBC Universal
  • Actor’s Theatre of Louisville
  • Olney Theatre in Washington, DC
  • Williamstown Theatre Festival
  • St. Louis Shakespeare Festival
  • Julliard, NYC
  • Disney Internships
  • Upright Citizens Brigade, NYC
  • Stella Adler School of Acting, NYC
  • Film and Television

Acting (BFA) Degree Map

Explore the courses you'll need to complete your degree

Outcomes & Careers

  • $18/hr


    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage for an actor is $17.94. 

  • $85k

     Producers and Director

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for producers and directors are $85,320.

  • $73k

    Production Writer

    Writers can earn an average annual salary of $73,150 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

What You'll Study

Degree Map

The BFA in acting is a professional training program that prepares students for an acting career in theatre, television, and film. You’ll complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to complete this degree, including the general education requirements and at least 39 senior division hours. 

Required Courses:

  • TH105 Rehearsal & Production I (2)
  • TH111 Introduction to Theatre Design & Technology (3)
  • TH150 Makeup for Actors (1)
  • TH181 Script Analysis (3)
  • TH218 Acting I (3)
  • TH219 Auditioning I (1)
  • TH228 Acting II (3)
  • TH305 Rehearsal & Production II (4)
  • TH317 Voice for the Actor I (3)
  • TH319 Acting for Film & Television (3)
  • TH321 Stage Combat I (3)
  • TH323 Movement for the Actor II (3)
  • TH327 Auditioning II (2)
  • TH328 Acting III (3)
  • TH329 Acting IV (3)
  • TH416 Acting Styles (3)
  • TH417 Voice for the Actor II (3)
  • TH429 Accents/Dialects for the Actor (3)
  • TH488 Senior Portfolio for Acting & Musical Theatre (3)
  • TH490 Theatre History I (3)
  • TH495 Theatre History II (3)
  • TH498 BFA Project (2)
A grade of “C” is required in each course within the BFA-Theatre major. Students must maintain a 3.0 gpa in the major.

Choose 2 Hours:

  • TH499 Internship (2)
  • TH800 Summer Theatre & Dance Workshop (2)

Choose 3 Hours:

  • TH385 Directing I (3)
  • TH387 Playwriting (3)

Choose 12 hours:

  • DA130 Ballroom Dancing 1 (2)
  • TH119 Musical Theatre Movement II (2)
  • TH122 Class Voice for Musical Theatre I (3)
  • TH123 Class Voice for Musical Theatre II (3)
  • TH211 Musical Theatre Dance Fundamentals I (2)
  • TH226 Musical Theatre Dance Fundamentals II (2)
  • TH275 Stage Management (3)
  • TH318 Musical Theatre Performance (3)
  • TH385 Directing I (3)
  • TH387 Playwriting (3)
  • TH419 Acting for Film & Television II (3)
  • TH431 Stage Combat II (3)
  • TH432 Stage Combat III (3)
  • TH485 Directing II (3)
  • TH487 Playwright-Director Collaboration (3)

Choose 3 Hours:

  • LI432 Shakespeare’s Comedies & Histories (3)
  • LI433 Shakespeare’s Tragedies (3)

Some requirements may be fulfilled by coursework in major program.

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences – 6 hours
  • Constitution Requirement – 3 hours
  • Written Communication – 6 hours
  • Oral Communication – 3 hours
  • Natural Sciences – 7 hours (from two disciplines, one to include a lab)
  • Mathematics – 3 hours
  • Humanities & Fine Arts – 9 hours (from at least two disciplines)
  • Additional requirements – 5 hours (to include UI100 for native students)
  • Civics examination

For formal admittance into the BFA in Theatre degree program, each student must:
  • Audition or present a portfolio at the fall or spring BFA Admittance Auditions. For early admission, incoming students (freshmen or transfers) may audition the year prior to their first semester at Southeast; otherwise, they will audition their first year at Southeast.

Freshman Year 

Fall Semester (15 Hours)  
  • UI100 (1)  
  • EN100 (3)  
  • TH105 (1)  
  • TH111 (3)  
  • TH218 (1)  
  • TH219 (3)  
  • General Education* (3)  
*TH223 recommended
Spring Semester (16 Hours) 
  • TH105 (1)  
  • TH181 (3)  
  • TH228 (3)  
  • General Education (3)  
  • General Education (3)  
  • General Education (3)  

Sophomore Year  

Fall Semester (17 Hours)  
  • TH105 (1)
  • TH305 (1)  
  • TH317 (3)  
  • TH321 (3)  
  • TH328 (3)  
  • General Education (3)  
  • General Education (3)  
Spring Semester (16 hours)  
  • TH305 (1)  
  • TH323 (3)  
  • TH329 (3)  
  • Acting Elective (3)
  • General Education (3)  
  • General Education (3)  

Junior Year 

Fall Semester (16 hours)  
  • TH305 (1)  
  • TH319 (3)  
  • TH385 (3)  
  • Acting Elective (3)  
  • General Education (3)  
  • General Education (3)  
Spring Semester (16 hours)  
  • TH305 (1)  
  • TH327 (3)  
  • TH416 (3)  
  • TH417 (3)  
  • TH431 (3)  
  • General Education (3)

Summer Semester (2 Hours)  

  • TH499 or TH800 (2)  

Senior Year  

Fall Semester (14 Hours)  
  • TH429 (3)  
  • TH488 (3)  
  • TH490 (3)  
  • TH498 (2)  
  • General Education (3)  
Spring Semester (15 Hours)  
  • LI432 or LI433 (3)
  • TH495 (3)  
  • Acting Elective (3)  
  • Acting Elective (3)  
  • General Education (3)  

A minimum 3.0 GPA in the major and an overall 2.5 are required to graduate with a BFA-Acting degree.


 Theatre Program

  • Facilities

    Students in the Theatre program have access to many different types of facilities for a special learning experience. We have multiple performance theatres that provide a unique performance experience for our students and community!

  • Auditions

    At Southeast, we continue to work to better ourselves and our program. To do that, we need performers like you! Find out about our audition requirements and the application process.
  • Experiential Learning

    Our students get hands on learning the moment they start classes! From live shows, master classes, summer festivals, and more, Theatre students have many opportunities to grow in their craft. Learn more about what the B.A in Theatre program offers ( 

  • Onstage Blog

    OnStage Blog recently moved Southeast Missouri State to the “Best College Theatre Program in Every State” list! Read the article to learn why our program is special and could be the right fit for you! 

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