Former members of the Board of Governors may be granted distinction to serve as a member of Southeast’s Board Emeriti Society in which members are expected to continue providing their expertise, contributions, and support of the university.

Guidelines & Procedures

I.  Conferral of Title 

The title "Board Emeritus" or "Board Emerita" may be granted by Resolution of the Board of Governors to those individuals who have served as members of Southeast Missouri State University's governing board and the quality of whose service is deserving of this distinction.  

II.  Membership in the Board Emeriti Society 

Designation as a Board Emeritus or Board Emerita automatically confers membership in the Board Emeriti Society.  

III.  Mission of the Board Emeriti Society 

The purposes and mission of the Board Emeriti Society shall be: 

  • to continue the members' long association with the University and former colleagues in mutually beneficial ways, without any other commitment.  
  • to enable the members to continue to contribute their expertise to the University community.  
  • to facilitate the ability of members to continue their support of worthwhile activities of the University and its associated organizations such as the Foundation and the Alumni Association.  
  • to facilitate the ability of members to support the University in its relations with Missouri State Government.  
IV.  Initial Membership 

Upon adoption of this policy, all living former members of the Board of Governors shall be designated Board Emeritus or Board Emerita and shall become members of the Society. Sitting members of the Board of Governors shall not become members of the Board Emeriti Society until the expiration of their terms, but shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the Society.  

V.  Requirements 

The title "Board Emeritus" or "Board Emerita" shall be conferred upon those who have retired from the Board or resigned after completing at least three years as a Governor.  

VI.  Organization and Agenda of the Board Emeriti Society 

The President of the Board of Governors shall serve ex-officio as chair of the Board Emeriti Society, which shall have no other officers or organizational structure. Meetings of the Emeriti Society shall be called by the chair at least once each year, and the agenda of such meetings shall be established by the chair after conferring with the other members of the Board of Governors.  

VII.  Methods of Recognition and Benefits of Membership in the Board Emeriti Society 

Recognition of those persons granted Board Emeritus or Board Emerita status may be made in one or more of the following ways:  

  • A token of appreciation, such as a plaque or medallion. 
  • A resolution of thanks from the Board of Governors. 
  • Extension of special courtesies, such as:  
    • On-campus parking permit 
    • Library privileges 
    • Admission to cultural programs and athletic events 
    • Eligibility to attend social and ceremonial functions 
    • An annual dinner or reception to which all Board Emeriti are invited. 
Name City State
Timothy Arbeiter Cape Girardeau Missouri
Brad Bedell Sikeston Missouri
Jennifer Bertrand St. Louis Missouri
Phillip Britt Kennett Missouri
Kay Schilly Brown Plano Texas
Julie Conn Nashville Tennessee
Austin Cordell Chesterfield Missouri
Christopher Davis St. Louis Missouri
Donald L. Dickerson Cape Girardeau Missouri
Reginald Dickson St. Louis Missouri
Ann Dombrowski Cape Girardeau Missouri
Edward P. Gargas Dexter Missouri
Scott D. Giles Leander Texas
Laura Hockensmith St. Louis Missouri
India Jeffrey St. Louis Missouri
Mary C. Kasten Cape Girardeau Missouri
Brian Kelly Brentwood Missouri
Jay B. Knudtson Cape Girardeau Missouri
Lauren E. Kohn Fenton Missouri
Donald G. LaFerla Joplin Missouri
Leni Lambdin Jackson Missouri
Luke M. LeGrand Cape Girardeau Missouri
James Lincoln Sikeston Missouri
Sarah J. Long Poplar Bluff Missouri
Edward C. Matthews III Sikeston Missouri
Kevin Magnan Festus Missouri
Doug McDermott Farmington Missouri
Thomas M. Meyer Cape Girardeau Missouri
Sandra Moore St. Louis Missouri
Christie (Johnson) Nardozzi Smyrna Georgia
Kendra Neely Gage St. Louis Missouri
Steve Nenninger Montgomery Texas
Mark J. Pelts Kennett Missouri
Sydney Pollack Memphis Tennessee
Doyle Privett Jackson Missouri
Mike Pulliam St. Peters Missouri
Vicki Robben St. Charles Missouri
Gail Rosmarin Poplar Bluff Missouri
Al Spradling III Cape Girardeau Missouri
Ed Stoltz St. Louis Missouri
John C. Tlapek Clayton Missouri
Daren Todd Kennett Missouri
Loretta F. Walker Sacramento California
Patricia Washington Vaughn St. Louis Missouri
Academic Hall 144
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 3300
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701