The physical education requirement is raised to three full years.


Southeast Missouri State Teachers College does its part to support the United States in World War II. The school participates in drives to collect materials such as aluminum, paper and iron for the war effort.

The college establishes the Civilian Pilot Training program. The school also helped construct model airplanes for the Bureau of Aeronautics and was chosen to participate in the Navy’s V-1, V-5 and V-12 training programs.

May 1941
The American Association of University Women grants membership to the Teachers College.


Summa cum laude and magna cum laude honors are established.

"The new library is named “Kent Library” after Sadie Kent in recognition of her long, faithful and efficient service to the campus."


Kent Library with a car park near the building


May 1946
The student body forms its own government.

September 21
The institution is renamed Southeast Missouri State College by permission of the Missouri General Assembly, and the College is allowed to grant master’s degrees.


February 17
Houck Field House is destroyed by fire.

October 12-13
The College celebrates its 75th (Diamond) anniversary with class reunions, dinners, a football game versus Maryville, parade, Jubilee Ball and dinner finale.


Fraternity Delta Kappa holds its first meeting.

A tornado destroys the north wall of Wildwood.


World Events

McDonald’s is founded in California.

Disney’s Pinocchio is released.

Wonder Woman first appears in All Star Comics #8.

Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Construction of Mt. Rushmore ends.

The Battle of Midway.

Beginning of the Manhattan Project.

Disney releases Bambi.

ABC is founded.

First electric computer is created.

D-Day Landings in Normandy

Death of Anne Frank.

Franklin D. Roosevelt dies. Vice President Harry Truman becomes president of the United States.

World War II ends in Europe.

Holocaust ends.

United Nations is founded.

The United States drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

End of World War II in Asia.

The microwave oven is patented.

First images of earth are taken from space.

Nuremberg Trials end.

The sound barrier is broken.

The Truman Doctrine to contain the expansion of communism is established.

The Marshall Plan takes effect.

The World Health Organization is founded.

North and South Korea are divided.

George Orwell’s novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” is published.

NATO is created.