Training and Development offers a variety of online and in-person trainings to help you reach your professional goals. Unless otherwise noted, trainings are free for faculty and staff.

Compliance Training

This compliance training course provides an overview of the types of behaviors that can give rise to harassment claims and discusses the benefits of and strategies for promoting a respectful work environment.

Banner 9 Training

Banner is the University’s primary administrative information system. Prior to attending any Banner training session, all University employees are required to successfully complete Banner Navigation and Banner Overview training. All project directors, operation managers, and administrative assistants must complete Banner Finance training classes.

Additional Trainings

University Police at Southeast Missouri State University provide free armed intruder training for faculty, staff, and students.

Armed intruder training imparts the knowledge necessary to improve the chances of survival in a critical event in workplaces and schools. It also empowers individuals with tools to help themselves and others. A well-trained community is better prepared to mitigate and respond in a violent incident.

Training is available through two courses. Level 1 training delivers the program through instructor presentation and group discussion of practical scenarios. The Level 1 course takes approximately one hour and is ideal when time is limited or to obtain a basic understanding of the preparedness method. The two-hour Level 2 session includes an hour-long presentation and the second hour of interactive scenarios. Participation in the scenarios is encouraged but is not required.

This course is also available in our #SEMOSTRONG series.

For more information, contact the Department of Public Safety at (573) 986-6737.

Making the Most of Our Brand: Why SEMO’s Brand Matters for Recruitment

Want a high level overview of what SEMO's brand is all about? In this training, we’ll discuss why we have a brand, why it's important, and how you can live out the brand to help SEMO reach its full potential.

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Back to Basics: Creating within Brand Guidelines

Do you create materials to market programs and events for your department? This detailed brand training is for the "creators" on campus who create communications such as flyers, posters, and more. In this training, you’ll develop an application-based knowledge of the “Will To Do” brand and learn how to properly use brand elements to successfully create materials that stay within brand guidelines.

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Chrome River is a travel and expense management system that University employees use to electronically create, submit, and approve expense reports for business expenses. This includes travel expenses, non-travel reimbursements, University purchasing card reconciliations, pre-approvals for required purchases, and travel advances for group travel. This collection of trainings provides instructions on how to use this expense management system.

Email to request access to the training.

Telephone and email etiquette are essential in today's workforce. This training will include the fundamentals of using proper etiquette while using a telephone and email as communication tools. During this training, members of Southeast Missouri State University will receive information regarding communication etiquette and will participate in situational role-playing.

For more information on this workshop, contact Training & Development at

This training is designed for faculty and staff who want to learn about the grant writing process. 

For more information, contact Pam Vargas at (573) 651-2018 or

Harassment at work can have a corrosive effect on a university’s culture and can lead to low associate morale, reduced productivity, and criminal liability. Focusing on the types of harassment prohibited by federal law, this online training will provide an overview of the types of behaviors that can give rise to harassment claims, including those based on sex (including transgender status and gender identity), race, color, national origin, religion, age, and disability. It will also discuss the benefits of and strategies for promoting a respectful work environment that is free of all forms of harassment, intimidation, and discrimination. 

For more information on Harassment Prevention, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity at (573) 651-2524 or

What does diversity mean and why does it matter? This workshop will discuss the meaning of diversity and explore the multiple diversities that exist. Participants will identify the relevance of their own cultural identities and leave with a better understanding of how to embrace diversity in order to work more effectively across differences. 

This course is also available in our #SEMOSTRONG series. For more information about Diversity and Inclusion, contact the Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity at (573) 651-2524 or

This multi-day workshop will review core concepts covered on the MOS Excel 2016 exam including creating and managing worksheets and workbooks, creating cells and ranges, creating tables, applying formulas and functions, and creating charts and objects.

Instructed by Amy Oliver. 
The cost is $60. (Payment of $60 will be billed upon the beginning of the exam. More information will be sent upon enrollment into the workshop.)

Candidates will expand and prove technical skills by demonstrating how to customize the Outlook user interface, format message content, create or insert graphic elements, and send and respond to emails and meeting requests. They will also learn how to manage and share multiple calendars, schedule meetings and appointments, create contact records and tasks, and set up contact groups to facilitate communication with other Outlook users.

This workshop will review core concepts covered on the MOS Outlook 2016 exam including managing the outlook environment, managing messages, managing schedules, and managing contacts and groups. 

Instructed by Amy Oliver.

This interactive PowerPoint 2016 certification program provides candidates with performance-based scenarios to measure their ability to manage essential, day-to-day tasks.

This workshop will review core concepts covered on the MOS PowerPoint 2016 exam including creating and managing presentations, inserting and formatting shapes and slides, creating slide content, applying transitions and animations, and managing multiple presentations.

Instructed by Amy Oliver.

The cost is $60. (Payment of $60 will be billed upon the beginning of the exam. More information will be sent upon enrollment into the workshop. Exam time can be rescheduled at the participant's discretion.)

This four-part workshop will review core concepts covered on the MOS Word 2016 exam including managing and sharing documents, designing advanced documents, creating advanced references, and creating custom Word elements.

Instructed by Amy Oliver.

Cost: $60 (Payment of $60 will be billed upon the beginning of the Exam. More information will be sent upon enrollment into the workshop.) 

QPR Training is a suicide prevention module that provides participants with the tools necessary to recognize the warning signs of suicide and to put into action a plan for preventing suicide. Participants learn how to recognize warning signs, clues, and communication-related to suicide in order to prevent suicide. QPR is an interactive training that highlights the best ways to approach someone who is displaying warning signs of suicide and allows participants an opportunity to put the techniques learned into practice. Participants will be provided with a QPR booklet, information on local and national prevention resources, and a certificate of completion. Anyone who is in contact with students, faculty, and staff on campus is encouraged to attend this training.

QPR Suicide Prevention Training is available for faculty/staff and students at Southeast. The training can be modified for classroom or student organization presentations to fit your group's needs. Requests for training must be made at least two weeks in advance and have a minimum of six individuals. Fulfillment of training requests is subject to staff availability.

Instructed by Torie Grogan. 

This course is also available in our #SEMOSTRONG series.

For more information, please contact the Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility at (573) 986-6191.

The Safe Zone program at Southeast consists of a 2-hour training session that includes a lecture, discussion, and interactive activities to provide you with tools to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. Safe Zone training presentations are scheduled throughout the year and are available for faculty and staff, and for students.

This course is also available in our #SEMOSTRONG series.

For more information on Safe Zone training contact the LGBTQ+ Resource Center at (573) 651-2677 or 

University Counseling Services, Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity, DPS, and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center are partnering to offer our brand new workshop series #SEMOSTRONG.

The #SEMOSTRONG program includes presentations about QPR Suicide Prevention Training, the StepUP! Bystander Intervention Program, Active Shooter Response Training, Inclusive Excellence diversity workshops, and Safezone Educational LGBTQ+ Ally Training.

The #SEMOSTRONG series was compiled by Training & Development, on the premise of social betterment and awareness. #SEMOSTRONG is a series of workshops that will help you learn about others that may differ from you, and teach you to take heed to others health, safety, adversities, work ethics, and goals through captivating presentations and activities. As a Redhawk, it is your duty to serve and uplift your fellow Redhawks with respect regardless of personal differences.

The following trainings are part of the #SEMOSTRONG Series:

If you would like to schedule this training for your department or group, please contact Training and Development at

Hosting a workshop? Need a registration system for your event? Need a custom online course for your content? Learn how to navigate Skillsoft to manage your workshops and online training courses. Training & Development can show you how to navigate the Skillsoft site effectively and efficiently. This course will show you the basic administrative functions of Skillsoft and Skillport so that you may pull reports and manage class rosters.

For more information contact Training & Development at (573) 652-2206 or

These trainings are designed to help you understand how to market your program on social media. University faculty and staff planning to create and manage social media profiles on behalf of their department, unit, or organization are invited to explore trends in social media strategy and concrete guidelines for establishing accounts within SEMO’s brand.

Showing Off SEMO: Managing Social Media

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Best Talon Forward: Diving Deeper into Social Media

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Step UP! is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students and staff to be proactive in helping others. It received a NASPA Gold award and recently was identified as a ‘Best Practice’ by the NCAA Sports Science Institute of national and international scholars. This course will help you raise awareness of helping behaviors, increase motivation to help, develop skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns, and ensure the safety and well-being of self and others.

This course is also available in our #SEMOSTRONG series.

For more information on Step UP!, contact The Campus Violence Prevention at 573-986-6191 or

Gender equity is at the heart of progressive culture in higher education. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 is a landmark civil rights law prohibiting discrimination in education programs and activities that receive federal funding. Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and sexual violence, as well as the failure to provide equal opportunity in educational and co-curricular programs including athletics are prohibited by the legislation.

This course is designed for all members of the campus community who have a responsibility in helping their school develop and maintain a respectful environment. It will provide awareness-level training on avoiding, identifying, and reporting sexual discrimination, harassment, and violence, and on complying with Title IX.

For more information on Title IX please contact the Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity at (573) 651-2524 or

University faculty and staff planning to make changes to their department or program webpages will need this training to learn how to confidently navigate the University’s new content management system, Cascade. In addition to learning about Cascade, you’ll get a brief overview of what content should and should not go on the website, why website accessibility is important, and what types of website changes may require a web ticket.

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