Our Personal Training Services are tailored to your workout needs. Whether you want to learn proper ways to exercise, workout with your friends, or find your current fitness level, there’s something for you. Each session is one hour with a certified personal trainer. You can sign up through IMLeagues.  

Personal Training Services

  • One-on-One Personal Training 

For people who want to start their exercise routine safely, learn proper exercise techniques, and get encouragement from one of our trainers. Personal Training is also for anyone who simply needs extra motivation and guidance. Our trainers develop a specialized fitness program with your needs in mind, whether you have a health issue or are training for a specific sport. 

  • Small Group Training 

We know it’s always fun to work out with a group of friends or family, and you can do it while saving money! You can get a fitness program to fit the needs of each person from our personal trainers.

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