Looking to establish strong teamwork skills among team members or possibly just hoping to have some unique recreational fun? The Challenge Course at Southeast is a great option to satisfy those needs! This course is comprised of a low challenge course and high ropes course and is utilized as a teambuilding and recreational space for a wide age-range.  

Traveling and Ground-Based Teambuilding 

If you are interested in this type of teambuilding but can’t come to our challenge course, check out our travelling teambuilding comprised of both indoor and outdoor activity options. These options are typically ground-based and don’t require any special equipment. These ground-based challenges may also be used in combination with low and/or high challenge course elements if utilized at the challenge course.

Low Challenge Course

Located adjacent to our high ropes challenge course, our low ropes course is an excellent way for your group to improve cohesiveness and come together as a team to complete common goals. The low challenge course is a blend of ground-based games and low obstacles. Participants will be hoisted at times and there is a trust fall for advanced groups. All challenges require participants to be supported by their teammates in order to successfully complete the task. Participants must be able to lift, move freely, balance, and support one another; but no helmets, harnesses, or ropes are utilized. The active participation age is 10 years and older. This course may be used in combination with ground-based teambuilding and/or high challenge course elements.

High Ropes Challenge Course

Slightly more adrenaline-pumping than the low ropes course, the high ropes course is an excellent way for individuals to learn about their potential, themselves, and facing fears, while having a thrilling and fun time. Participants will be 30 to 40 feet off the ground, so helmets, harnesses, and ropes are utilized for precautionary safety reasons. Participants must also be at least 13 years of age and able to safely fit into provided harnesses and helmets. Although the structure is safe, there is a participant weight maximum for precautionary reasons. This course may be used in a combination with ground-based teambuilding and/or low challenge course elements.

Explore Team Building Opportunities!

The challenge course is designed to be a safe but stimulating experience that tests the strength of participants’ teamwork abilities. Participants will be guided by our trained staff through activities that require a collective effort by the team in order to succeed. In this exciting and unique recreational environment, participants are able to have fun while also learning valuable skills.

Anticipated Teambuilding Outcomes

  • Improved individual and group awareness 
  • Enhanced communication skills 
  • Skill development in group decision-making and leadership 
  • Appreciation and respect for differences within a group 
  • Importance of evaluation and reflection 
  • Better goal setting, planning and vision 
  • Strengthened commitment to team goals 
  • Sense of overall individual and group effectiveness 

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