Overwatch 2

Roster Role In GAme Name
Tristan Thomas Descisciolo Support Zan
Em Williams Support Ari
Reese Wilson Tank NotRuss
Alex Hebenstreit DPS Saveferrisb
Ilyas Bouchalkha DPS HeroXV
Bek Sewell Tank NightNight
Nic Myers Support Violet
Ryan Rosson DPS Tappy2896

 League of Legends

Roster Role In Game Name
Brookelyn Meyer Bot La Nuit
Chandler Miller Support Syphra
Caleb Degitz Top X cdizzle X
Cheolhwan Park Mid Koreanpark
Jackson N Sub Jackel232
Adam W Sub Oleo23

 Call of Duty

Roster In Game Name
Tyler D. DocDempsey
Blake B. Anakin
Charles W. CharlesUU
Titus Green Ventum
Cameron B. Razorback

Rocket League

Roster In Game Name
Vincent Donley D0nley
John R. Pacify
Titus Green Ventum
Bryan Burns Burnsie
Jordan Duenas Jandue

Super Smash Bros

Roster In Game Name Main Character
Ian Bacon Bacon Pokemon Trainer
Alex Bruns Impulse Meta Knight
Logan Ray NapkinKola Roy
David Oliver IP64 Ness
Chase Kirn Cheese Bowser
Asa Faust Phizzuk Isabelle
Reece Wheymeyer TOG3 Min Min
Tony Konarcik PJB Kazuya
Jacob Beard Reality Zero Suit Samus
Ian Flanagan Flan Man King K Rool
Tyler Westerholt TGW Hero
Isaac Hotop J-Dolphin Inkling
Jack Finklang Fink Fox
Conner Hohmann Spooky Kazuya
Tyshawn Johnson Turtles Byleth


Roster In game Name Role
Avhigya Sigdel Chandler Duelist/Initiator
Zachary Gosnell AstrayHito Duelist/Initiator
Claire Clippard tourxm Controller/Sentinel
Alberto Linares-Cervantes Sev Controller/Sentinel
Morgan W. Vexx Initiator/Sent
Logan Dunlap Defender99 Initiator/Flex

Apex Legends

Roster In Game Name Main Legend
Jacob M. TwisT.Crazy Pathfinder
Donald Lindsey SassyNinja Bloodhound
John R. Pacify Ash/Wraith