Employee Permits are for faculty and staff employed by the University. Before receiving a permit, employment will be verified.

Common Permit Options

Parking Services provides employee hang tags or decals (upon request) to University faculty and staff free of charge. These permits are issued based on employment verification. Employee permits are for use by the employee only and should not be given to family members or loaned to students for parking use.

Graduate Assistants (GA) are issued a graduate assistant parking permit. This permit is valid in any student parking lot. GA permits are not valid in employee parking lots, except between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. Parking Services bills the permit to the GA's account, and the fee is covered by the graduate program. Payment questions for permit charges should be directed to Student Financial Services.

Motorcycle & Scooter Parking

Permits are available as a regular parking permit option for faculty and staff at the cost of:
  • Fall, Spring and Summer - $75
  • Spring and Summer - $56
  • Summer - $42
Permits are available as additional or upgrade parking permit option for employees when a regular permit for a motor vehicle has been purchased during the same academic period at a cost of:
  • Fall, Spring and Summer - $25
  • Spring and Summer - $15
  • Summer - $5

Permits must be displayed on the front fork, fender, or windshield. The permit number must be visible from the front of the motorcycle.

Failure to register a motorized scooter/motorcycle will result in University parking citations when appropriate and/or impounding or towing when necessary.

Citations and impounding will be issued using current University parking policy and violation fines.

Temporary parking

If an employee needs to drive a vehicle other than the one with their parking permit, a temporary permit must be obtained from Parking Services for a fee of $1 a day and $5 per week, and displayed from the rearview mirror of the vehicle being driven. Temporary parking is assigned based on the lot for which the purchased decal is valid.

If a vehicle will be parked on campus temporarily, and no decal has been previously purchased, a special permit can be obtained for display, and parking will be restricted to perimeter parking lots.

Disabled Parking

Only vehicles displaying state issued disabled license plates or hang-tag may park in disabled spaces. Employees must display a perimeter parking permit in addition to the disabled license plate or disabled hang-tag when parked on campus parking lots. Employees are encouraged to bring documentation of disabled plate and/or hang-tag into Parking Services.

If marked disabled spaces are full, parking is available in any regular parking space with a University permit and a state disabled license plate or hang-tag.

Employees who require disabled parking but do not have disabled license plates or hang-tag should contact the licensing agent of the state of residency for appropriate licensing. Licenses for both permanent and temporary disabilities must be coordinated through the state licensing agent. Applicants must provide state receipts of license to verify hang-tag use.

Disabled spaces are illustrated on the campus map by the wheelchair symbol. Disabled parking violations are issued pursuant to RSMO 301.142.1 and Cape Girardeau City Ordinance.

Parking Maps

Southeast has parking lots across campus. Find the right permit for you with our interactive parking map.

Parking Application

You can apply two ways for your permit, online through your portal or by contacting Parking Services by phone or email. Please apply using only one method. Employee permits can be picked up at the DPS office at 1401 N. Sprigg.

The preferred form of application is online through your University portal. To access the permit application:
  1. Sign into your Southeast portal
  2. Click the Employee SS tab
  3. Click "Parking Services"
  4. Click "Request Permit"
  5. Select applicable semester from the dropdown menu
  6. Click “Continue”
  7. 9. Click: “Purchase Parking Permit”
  8. 10. Follow on screen instructions
If you do not have access to the internet or need assistance in applying for your parking permit, you may contact Parking Services by phone at (573) 651-2310 or by email at parking@semo.edu and a staff member will assist you with your application.
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