At Southeast Missouri State University, we offer educational resources in order to help broaden understanding and address issues students may experience.

Students have access to brochures, educational information, and videotapes about topics such as stress, procrastination, substance abuse, and more. The materials are available for personal use or for class presentations.

Student Wellness

Southeast Missouri State University is committed to promoting a healthy and safe environment for all students. It is our goal to help you with all dimensions of wellness, such as physical wellness, spiritual wellness, intellectual wellness, occupational/vocational wellness, environmental wellness, social wellness, emotional wellness, and financial wellness.

Coping Facts

Tragic events can leave you with a heightened sense of vulnerability. As individuals, we all respond in our own unique way. It is important to cope in a healthy way by talking about it, resuming routines, staying connected, and taking care of yourself. Don’t ever be afraid to seek help by talking to a trusted friend, family member, counselor, or spiritual advisor.

Additional Resources

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