Accessibility Services assists students with identifying barriers to their success and identifying ways to address those barriers. Requesting services is simple, and we can help you along your college career.

Request for Services 

New/first-time students registering with Accessibility Services: It is highly recommended that requests for disability-related programs and services be made as soon as you are an enrolled student by completing the First-Time Disability Services Students online intake/public accommodation form 

Once your intake is complete (when we have your intake and supporting documentation), you will be contacted to set up an appointment with one of the Accessibility Services staff before your accommodations will be approved. You can then request your semester-specific accommodations once you are registered with Accessibility Services. 

 Current students (already registered with Accessibility Services):  

Currently enrolled students will use Southeast Missouri State University Accommodate, accessed through the portal, to request accommodations each semester. Students who have already completed the intake process and need to request accommodations can do so by logging into the Portal. 

Accommodate with their SEMO key, and password. Once you have logged onto Accommodate, click the Accommodations tab and select Accessibility Request. Please note that accommodations do not automatically roll from semester to semester; you must request them each semester. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at (573) 651-5927. 

 Parents and Family:  

Accessibility Services staff are happy to answer general accessibility questions but cannot share student-specific information with anyone other than the student. Unlike high school, student disability files (or Individualized Education Programs or 504 Plans) do not follow university students throughout their university career. University staff do not know about or automatically accommodate student disabilities unless the student discloses. It is important that students lead this process. Parents who have questions on how to help their student to register for accommodations or have any other questions about our services, may call us at (573) 651-5927 or 

Faculty and Staff:  

If a student discloses a disability to you, please refer them to the Accessibility Services website or staff immediately. Students who are new to Accessibility Services can complete the intake and registration process online by going to the First-Time Accessibility Services Students link. 

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