The SEMO Black Faculty and Staff Alliance furthers the success and advancement of black faculty, staff, and students through various initiatives on campus.

The organization was founded in the fall of 2016 to provide a voice for the university's African American faculty and staff. Our goal is to unite all those actively interested in promoting racial equality at Southeast Missouri State University and around the globe. 

The BFSA also acts in an advisory capacity to the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity on issues affecting its members. We encourage networking by fostering a positive social environment and building alliances with other campus organizations. We welcome all those in our campus community who are dedicated to social justice to join our cause through membership. 

Events to be announced soon. 

The mission of the Black Faculty Staff Alliance at SEMO is to collaborate with the Southeast Missouri State University community to foster positive relationships towards Black and/or African American faculty, staff, and graduate or professional students through social involvement, community support, and advocacy. To accomplish our mission, the BFSA will work to: 

  • Raise the awareness of issues/concerns of Black/African American faculty and staff and allies at the University; 
  • Provide a forum for members of this group and their supporters to meet and discuss regularly topics of mutual interest and concern; 
  • Provide support in the University’s ongoing recruitment and retention of Black/African American faculty/staff and other underrepresented diverse populations; and 
  • Collaborate with the University leadership, the greater Cape Girardeau community, and the surrounding Bootheel communities and other metropolitan areas to foster positive relationships and serve as a link to SEMO in ways that develop a presence and nurture relationships to enable: 
    • Community and campus engagement and relationship building 
    • Civic leadership 
    • Community service
Title Name
Facutly Co-Chair Samantha Washington
Staff Co-Chair Shan Howard
Vice Chair Victor Wilburn
Secretary Aaliyaha Gladney
Social Chair Shelia Long


Equity Initiatives
Black Faculty and Staff Alliance
Academic Hall 010 - 011
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 3375
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701