Faculty mentors in the TRIO/McNair Scholars Program are expected to assist scholars with their research projects, complete evaluations of their progress, identify resources to assist with their research, and prepare them for graduate school.

Mentor Expectations 

  • Attend a meeting regarding ALL expectations and what it means to be a mentor
  • Attend one (1) individual meeting with program staff per semester
  • Meet with your Scholar on a regular basis
  • Generate and submit a working timeline for the research that you will be completing with your Scholar
  • Assist your Scholar with the design of his/her research
  • Guide your Scholar's research
  • Assist your Scholar in preparing a final research paper in the format suitable for publication in the discipline
  • Complete and submit an evaluation of your Scholar
  • Identify conferences and/or other professional meetings that your Scholar can attend
  • Assist your Scholar during the application process for Graduate Programs

Previous Mentors

  • Avery Henry, Ph.D. - Communication Studies
  • Dana Branson, Ph.D. - Social Work
  • Santaneel Ghosh, Ph.D. - Engineering Physics
  • Bart Williams, M.F.A - Theatre and Dance
  • Stephen Nettelhorst, Ph.D. - Psychology
  • Jennifer Bengtson, Ph.D. - Modern Languages
  • Victor Wilburn, Ph.D. - Child and Family Studies
  • Willie Redmond, Ph.D. - Accounting, Economics and Finance
  • Shonta Smith, Ph.D. - Elementary Education
  • Monica Bixby Radu, Ph.D. - Criminal Justice and Sociology
  • Sarah Shaner, Ph.D. - Chemistry
  • John Kraemer, Ph.D. - Biology
  • Gabrielle Baffoni, Ph.D. - Music
  • Jenny Yang Cropp, Ph.D. - English
  • Francis Tayie, Ph.D. - Allied Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Sciences
  • Joni Hand, Ph.D. - Art History
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