The University Policy Regarding the Textbook Rental System 

Textbooks shall be adopted for a period of two calendar years, with a limit of one book per course, and with all sections using the same text. A variance of the limit of one textbook per course is automatically granted for:  

  • Five-hour courses 
  • Volume 1 and Volume 2 textbooks 
  • Interdisciplinary courses 

Requests for exceptions from the stated policy shall be decided at the General Education level and should be based on academic needs and sound financial principles. 

Textbook Requisition Document Tips

A textbook requisition document will be sent to you by Textbook Rental each semester. Here are some tips for completing:

  • Section/Professor: pertains to retail books only, not rental. 
  • Prior Usage: for rental books refers to the semester, year and how many were rented for the last seven semesters. Usage reflects the Banner year/semester. 
  • Req/Opt: required or optional refers to the status of the retail book only when it was last used. 
  • Reorder: refers to the quantity of textbooks need for the course, no changes to the currently used book. If a new textbook is to be used, put a line through the textbook information and write new in the quantity line. Fill out a New Adoption Form with the new textbook information; see below for further instructions on how to fill out a new adoption order form. If the new book is a retail book, please mark if it is required or optional. 
  • Courses Offered with No Textbooks on File: cross out the course numbers that you do not need a textbook for. Circle the course number you want a textbook for and fill out a New Adoption Form with the new textbook information. 

Under Rental Textbooks, you will notice we provide the title, author, and publisher for courses taking a textbook used under a different course number. 

New Adoption Form Tips

The form is divided into three areas: 

  • Textbook Rental Textbooks (Rental Textbooks only-All rental textbooks are required) 
  • Retail Required Textbooks (Textbooks that will be required for the students to purchase at Southeast Bookstore) 
  • Retail Optional Textbooks (Textbooks that will be optional for the students to purchase at Southeast Bookstore) 

Please provide as much of the following information: 

  • Your department 
  • The course number 
  • Author’s name 
  • Book Title 
  • 13-digit ISBN number 
  • Edition/Copyright year 
  • Quantity 

The ISBN that you list on this form will be the one we purchase. Please make sure this information is for the student edition and if an access code is being used or not. 

There is a column asking for information about CD’s, web PIN codes, and other ancillary items packaged with the textbooks. We need to know if you will be requiring the students to pick up these additional materials. If you have any questions regarding ancillary items packaged with textbooks, contact the publisher representative. 

Textbook Adoption Form

Once the department chair signs the adoption order form and requisition, you may return your complete requisition and forms via campus mail to MS2020 or you may drop them off at Textbook Rental. We suggest you make a copy of each page; keep one copy for your records and submit the original to Textbook Rental. If you have any questions, please contact Jane Kurre at ext. 2737. 

Guidelines for Ordering Textbooks:

  • Web classes must use the same rental textbook as all other sections of a course number. 
  • If a section will not be using a textbook or is requiring the CD, please note it on the requisition. 
  • Departments are responsible for ordering textbooks for all sections including courses online, off campus locations and courses taught at other Southeast campuses. 
  • It is important that you check with each faculty member in your department as to what textbooks and additional materials they plan to use. 
  • If you share a class with another department, contact them to see how many textbooks they need and if there will be a change in the textbook required. 
  • Please be conscious of the number of textbooks that you request. 
  • If more sections are added or more students are admitted into a section than originally planned, remember those students need a textbook. Please contact us as soon as possible if a section or course is cancelled or of any changes. 

Requisition Due Dates

Textbook requests must be returned to us before student class registration begins.  

  • Fall semester: Mid-March 
  • Spring semester: Mid-October 
  • Summer semester: Early-February 

Look for emails and other notices from Textbook Rental with specific due dates for the upcoming term. Early requests give us the time we need to find and purchase the appropriate inventory.