Degree Works is a tool that provides faculty and advisors the ability to assist students. To access Degree Works please follow the steps below.

Accessing Degree Works:

  1. Sign into mySEMO portal
  2. Search "Degree Works"
  3. Click "Degree Works" Tool
  4. Degree Works will open in a new window

Choosing a student:

  1. Enter the student’s ID number (you must use a capital letter S), hit the Enter key and the student’s audit will appear.  
  2. To search for a group of students, use the “Find” icon to search for one or more students using various criteria. You can search by degree, major, minor, etc. Narrow your search criteria to obtain the audits needed for review. You can mix your criteria (for example, accounting majors who are freshmen).  
  3. Click on the “Search” button and (up to 500) students with the chosen criteria will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can use the checkboxes by each student to choose which students to review.  
  4. Click ok. 
  5. All of the chosen students will now be available from the main audit screen. 
  6. Using the drop-down box under “Name,” you will choose the student whose record you wish to review.  

Reviewing the audit:

  1. Worksheets tab: student’s current audit, updated nightly or refreshed as information is processed in the Banner student system.  
    1. Worksheets: Student’s audit in either Student View or Registration Checklist. 
      1. Student View – Default view of the student’s audit. Do not have to process new as audits are refreshed nightly. Also, will refresh during the day if a change is made to the student record in Banner and the advisor or student accesses the audit after the change was made.
      2. Registration Checklist – From FORMAT, use drop down box to choose REGISTRATION CHECKLIST. Hit “View” and an abbreviated audit will appear, only showing those areas that have yet to be completed. To return to STUDENT VIEW, choose that option from the drop-down box and hit “View.”  
      3. Save as PDF – Save the audit as a snapshot in time to your desktop as a pdf file. 
      4. Process New – Use to process a new audit. 
      5. Include In-progress classes/preregistered classes – Unchecking “Include preregistered classes” will show the audit without future enrollment impact. Unchecking “Include in-progress classes” will show the audit without current enrollment impact. You will need to click “Process New” after checking/unchecking either box.  
      6. Class History – Class listing in chronological order of all coursework, both Southeast and transfer work. Does not show repeated courses. Not to be considered a transcript.
    2. History: Review the past five audits that were processed, based on degree. Date and time audit was run will appear. Click “View” after selecting audit to review.
    3. What If: What-if audit used to preview program other than declared major.
    4. Look Ahead: Used to see an audit showing courses for which the student plans to register in future terms. No guarantee of class availability for any given term.  
  2. Plans tab: Semester by semester plan, individual by student.
  3. Comments tab: View, add, modify or delete comments. Use either drop down box for common comments or type new comment, keeping in mind that anyone who views the audit will be able to view the comments. Make sure to click the Run New Audit button after adding, modifying, or deleting any comments.
  4. Exceptions tab: Entry form for substitutions and waivers. Not everyone will have access to the exceptions tab. Only those who have update access will have this tab. Make sure to click the Run New Audit button after adding or removing any exceptions.
  5. GPA calc tab: 
    1. Graduation Calculator: shows what average the student needs in remaining credits to graduate with desired GPA.  
    2. Term Calculator: shows an estimate of the student’s cumulative GPA after entering anticipated grades for current semester courses.
    3. Advice Calculator: shows various credit and grade scenarios in order to achieve a desired cumulative GPA.  

For questions regarding the Degree Works audit, email 

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