Supplemental Instruction (SI) is provided through Learning Assistance Programs. SI sessions are offered for select courses each fall and spring semester.

SI Leaders plan and facilitate twice-a-week group study sessions for their assigned course. These sessions focus on building students' understanding of the course content through fun and interactive activities that students complete with their classmates. Students can also develop or improve their note-taking, test-taking, and study skills by attending SI sessions. 

SI sessions are open to all students enrolled in a course-section supported by Supplemental Instruction. Research conducted by the International Center for Supplemental Instruction shows that students who regularly attend SI sessions tend to earn higher final grades and are less likely to withdraw from the course.

Being an SI Leader with Learning Assistance Programs at SEMO has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. LAP provides a supportive environment where students can collaborate and tackle challenging subjects together. Through leading sessions in Precalculus, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics, I've seen firsthand how students grow more confident and capable in their studies. It's inspiring to watch students engage with the material, support one another, and ultimately achieve their academic goals. The sense of community and shared success within LAP is something truly special.

Niknaz Yousefian, Student, Predental

Becoming a Supplemental Instruction Leader

Students interested in becoming a Supplemental Instruction Leader should contact Learning Assistance Programs

SI Leader candidates must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the position:

  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  • Enrolled in at least 6 credit hours if a domestic student or enrolled in at least 12 credit hours if an international student.
  • Has earned at least a "B" in the course they wish to support.
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One University Plaza, MS4675
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