Everyone starts somewhere, including our elected leaders.

In their early days, many of them were on the front lines of scrappy campaigns. They rang doorbells, rolled calls, and put forth the effort it took to guide a campaign to victory. For SEMO student Kaleb Miller, this is not a distant aspiration; it’s Monday. Shortly after his freshman year at SEMO, Kaleb worked as an intern in D.C. for a national representative. Later, he worked on said representative’s re-election campaign. And while the campaign was ongoing, he moved up into the role of campaign manager. Politics needs everyone to hit the ground running if a campaign has any chance of success. After Kaleb’s SEMO professor gave him a good nudge, he decided he would rather sprint.

For students wanting to go into this and for students looking at it thinking it’s just this impossible landscape…I encourage them to learn about it. You know, dive in, take the risk, and it’ll pay off.

Kaleb Miller

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Have an interest on being on a campaign? Just find public policy and government fascinating? SEMO’s political science degree can set you up for success. Plus, because political science majors gain skills in analysis, writing, and problem solving, they make excellent candidates for careers in almost any area.