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  • Alumni Spotlight

    Mohammad Shahadat was an international student when he came to Southeast to study computer science. Since he's become a senior software project engineer for the Boeing Company, a reservist in the U.S. Army, and working toward a Ph.D., in information technology.  Read More
  • Meet the Faculty

    Dr. Tamara Buck may have taken a long and winding road to education, but as the chair of the Department of Mass Media she's helping to create our next generation of media professionals. If the awards wall (her students and herself) are any indication, she's doing a great job. Read More
  • New Year, New You

    Wrapping up our New Year, New You series this month is probably one of the most important and least discussed aspects of our health--mental health. And, the past few years have taught us that taking care of mind and spirit is as imperative to our overall health as exercise and nutrition. Read More.

Inside the Dome Podcast

Dr. Trudy Lee first set foot on Southeast's campus just two weeks after 9/11. In the 20 years since, she's helped thousands of students and donors make a difference, took the reins of the University Foundation, and weathered a few more tumultuous world events.

In This Issue

  • New Year, New You: Mental Health

    Perhaps it was the pandemic or the ever increasing stressors our connectivity faces us with daily, but we're finally taking our mental health seriously as part of a healthy lifestyle. And, whether you prefer counseling, meditation, or other self care outlets, taking care of mind is as important as body. Read More
  • Faculty Merit Award

    Southeast has just one of nine historic preservation programs in the nation. Dr. Hoffman leads that program and can often be found below a hard hat in the field helping us students understand how to preserve our history and, perhaps more importantly, why we do it. Watch Now
  • Don't Forget: SEMO Giving Day

    How can you make a big difference to your alma mater and current and future students with just little effort? The answer is SEMO Giving Day. This March 22, we're asking for small gifts that add up to fund scholarships, the Houck Stadium renovation, or any place you choose to make a difference on campus. Read Now

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