Senior software project engineer for the Boeing Company - reservist in the U.S. Army - obtaining a Ph.D. in Information Technology - SEMO alum. Allow us to introduce, Mohammad Shahadat Ullah!

Mohammad Shahadat, an international student from Bangladesh, graduated from SEMO in 2015 with a degree in computer information systems. Before coming to the United States to study, he discovered that earning a STEM degree would provide him with the best opportunity to succeed. Completely unfamiliar with Missouri, Mohammad shared that one of the main reasons he chose to attend SEMO was because of its national accreditations in computer science and cybersecurity.

After graduation, Mohammad joined the U.S. Army and began working for The Boeing Company as a systems analyst. Through hard work and his commitment to earn multiple industry certifications, he is now a senior software project engineer with Boeing where he works on projects for several divisions including defense and space. In addition to working full-time, he is working on obtaining his Ph.D. in Information Technology.

 Mohammad says that one of the things that advanced his education and greatly prepared him for his career was the hands-on learning opportunities SEMO provided. Mohammad says the college experience, faculty members, and campus environment was the best he could have ever hoped for. 

He says that adjusting to a new country had it's challenges, but SEMO always made him feel at home. When asked to describe SEMO in three words, Mohammad replied, "quality, opportunity, and value." He added that college is a best place to build character and SEMO made him the person he has become.