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  • Blazing the Trail

    Being the first in your family to go to college is monumental. It can also be a challenging process to navigate. As Southeast serves more first generation students, we work to lessen their burden and celebrate their success.
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  • Professional Pilot: Year One

    Southeast has a group of students soaring to new heights in the first year of the professional pilot degree. We talk with the faculty member leading the program about her experiences in the air and her love of teaching.
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  • Research in :60-ish

    Southeast faculty do research, often hand in hand with their students. This valuable learning and resume building building experience is also available to our early college students, who may find themselves published while still in high school.
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Inside the Dome Podcast

In our Inside the Dome podcast, Alumni Director George Gasser and Marketing Director Tonya Wells talk with the SEMO community and share the SEMO stories you need to hear. In this episode: Three Southeast students talk about their unique and uplifting path to SEMO.

In This Issue

  • Top Moments of 2021

    The year was somehow both long and short, but regardless your feelings on length, Southeast still packed plenty of notable moments into 2021. Championships, academic accolades, we had it all, and we're here to recount the most exciting times of the year that warmed our Redhawk hearts with pride.
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  • Employers' Perspectives

    Media is changing and involving at a rapid pace, but the quality of SEMO media grads is still highly sought after by empoyers. We listened in as three local market media professionals discuss what's happening in the industry, what they look for in employees, and how SEMO grads answer the needs.
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  • Behind the Scenes

    We continue to be amazed at our students' talent onstage at the River Campus, but what is just as amazing is the work done off stage by the technical and design crews. We went backstage during the fall musical production of Guys & Dolls to get a peak at the people and action that make the show go on.
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Honorable Young Alumni

This year's Distinguished Service Award recipients--Aaron Adeoye, Cantrell Andrews, Kweku Arkoful, and Wyky Jean-prove friendship and passion can most definitely change lives.

Redhawk Action

Doesn't matter if you're looking for football, soccer, track, or tennis, we have all the Redhawk stories and events to keep you updated on your favorite teams.

Upcoming Events

Looking for a SEMO Alumni event in your location or need to know what's happening on campus? We have all your SEMO events sortable by type and ready to add to your calendar.