Scully 101A
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 7650
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

What area do you teach?

Nutrition and Dietetics


MA in Human Environmental Studies: Dietetics
EdD in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (In progress)

Your philosophy of teaching

I strive to facilitate a learning experience that begins with fundamental principles and sequentially progresses towards applying the content in one’s personal or professional life. I believe it is crucial for our students to understand the practical value of the course content. Forming connections between what is learned in the classroom and life outside of the classroom not only helps students understand the practical value but also promotes critical thinking and helps them to retain the information.

Finally, I attempt to create an atmosphere of learning that challenges students and requires their best effort, while maintaining a compassionate and supportive environment.

Why did you decide to teach?

I have always felt a passion for facilitating learning and growth in others. Seeing this growth is incredibly rewarding. There is nothing more satisfying as an instructor than to see a student progress from a freshman to a successful professional working in the field.

Professionally, I always wanted to be in a career that allowed me to help people live longer and healthier lives. Teaching dietetic students and other future health professionals allows me to directly influence students who will eventually share what they have learned with their patients and clients. This provides an opportunity to potentially impact the health of my students and to indirectly influence the health of a great number of people through my students.

Credentials/Career Path

I have been an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer since 2007. After working as a personal trainer, I decided to go to graduate school to become a Registered Dietitian so I could help clients with nutrition as well as exercise. During graduate school, I worked as a graduate teaching assistant and fell in love with teaching. When I became a Registered Dietitian in 2013, my ultimate goal was to return to teaching. I was fortunate to get that opportunity shortly after earning my credentials. I have been teaching full-time in the Dietetic program since 2015 and became the Dietetic Internship Director in 2017.

Most recent/notable published work

Ramdial, J. (2014). Assessing the capability of a median household in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to purchase a healthy diet [Abstract]. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 114 (9) (Suppl. 2), A-95

Professional Highlight

  • 2019-2020 Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Southeast Regional Director


  • College of Health and Human Services Service Award Nominee

Organizations with which you are involved

  • Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Best advice for students

Develop and apply a healthy balance to your life. My advice is to prioritize health and learning while reserving some time to build and maintain healthy relationships. Once you find a healthy balance, focus on giving your best effort in each present moment. Learn from the past and expect great things from the future.

I believe it is crucial for our students to understand the practical value of the course content.

Joel Ramdial, Instructor