Carnahan Hall 211J
Debra Holzhauer joined the department in Fall 2004, after serving as an adjunct faculty with a variety of public and private universities in the Midwest. Her broad areas of specialization are International and Comparative Politics, with an emphasis on European politics and environmental politics. She is faculty advisor for the university's Model United Nations club. Her current research projects involve examining the ideology, party organization, tactics of the Liberal Democrats and Greens in the British party system; the impact of Green Parties in the European Parliament; and exploring the environmental agendas of British political parties. In her spare time, of which she seemingly has less and less, she enjoys reading historical mystery novels, watching West Wing (where she would really like to work), and, of course, sleeping and eating.


PS335 - American Foreign Policy
PS380 - International Organizations
PS460 - Government and Politics of Western Europe
PS470 - Politics of the Developed World
PS570 - Comparative Government
PS580 - International Politics
UI350 - Middle Eastern Politics
PS104 - Comparative Political Systems